In conjunction with our strategic partners, PM and LE 3-5 day course graduates meet the
requirements for accreditation in the Security modules CPPSEC3013A Control persons using
empty hand techniques and CPPSEC3002A Manage conflict through negotiation. Certification
against these modules is available via our strategic partners at additional cost.
Contact us for further details.

If you are interested in hosting a workshop please contact us.

2019 Course Dates (Note: Closed/government contract dates not listed)

International Courses
ILEETA Conference 2020
IALEFI Conference 2020
Canada 2020
USA 2020
Iceland 2020
Thailand 2020
New Zealand TBA

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2.5 day ISR Matrix Subject Control/Vertical Core
Our most popular and most frequent open/public course. This is the foundation and core of the ISR Matrix program and a
prerequisite for specialist and advanced courses. Typically run from a Friday night through to Sunday afternoon. From
2019 onwards these courses will also feature an introduction to the ISR Matrix Horizontal Core and ISR Matrix Clutch CQB.
(Note that returning students will receive comprehensive revision of the core material and may receive an introduction
to intermediate modules).

+2 day LE & Security Team Tactics
Revises, sharpens and builds upon the subject control material to address a wide range of operational issues related to
subject control for Law Enforcement, Corrections, Police, Licensed Security and Health Professionals.  Arrest Teams, Cell
Extractions, Vehicle Extractions, Stairwells, Team Control Tactics, Introduction to Edged Weapon Defence and more.
Weapon Retention will be briefly introduced to qualifying parties. Attendees must have attended the previous 2.5 days
subject control training or have attended two or more subject control courses in the past decade and be quite familiar
with ISR Matrix Subject Control techniques and terminology.

+ 2 day ISR Matrix Dedicated LE introduction
Builds upon the ISR Matix Vertical Core and introduces part of the ISR Matrix LE modules for Law Enforcement
and Military personnel from govt agencies. This program is not available to civilians including private security. Holstered
and drawn sidearm retention, long gun retention, team control tactics, cell extractions, arrest teams and vehicle
extractions. Applicants must attend the previous 2.5 days subject control or have attended a recent ISR Matrix Subject
Control course and be familiar and proficient with the subject control techniques and terminology.

ISR Matrix Subject Control, Law Enforcement and Armed Forces Courses Available to approved agencies on

ISR Matrix LE/AF Instructor Development Courses Restricted enrolment. If your agency is interested in hosting
please contact us

"From the average person to the
most elite trained officers I would
highly recommend this system to
everyone as it is something so
instinctive yet functional and will
allow them much greater odds to
successfully handle and ultimately
walk away from dangerous
situations as they arise."
Security Officer

"The strength of ISR is in its
responses regardless of applied
combat stresses….. I look forward
to supporting and training in ISR
every chance I get"
– Pablo, Martial
Arts Instructor and ADF Instructor
"It was easily the best course of its
type that I have attended and I look
forward to attending future ISR
courses. I highly recommend it for
people of any background or
experience. Brilliant effort"
MMA Coach

"I learnt more in 1 day about
handling the bad guy's than I ever
have from my employer"
Bill, Police
ISR Matrix Australia Courses 2021
  • Canberra - Intermediate Subject Control Enhanced 30 Apr-2 May
  • Canberra - LE Enhanced Defensive Tactics - 3-4 May 2021

  • Perth- Intermediate Subject Control Enhanced TBA
  • Perth - LE Enhanced Defensive Tactics- TBA

  • Brisbane- Intermediate Subject Control Enhanced TBA
  • Brisbane - LE Enhanced Defensive Tactics TBA

  • Melbourne- Intermediate Subject Control Enhanced TBA
  • Melbourne - LE Enhanced Defensive Tactics TB

  • Seeking hosts for UK, NZ, Sydney, Adelaide, Darwin, FNQ and
    major regional towns.
  • Other locations by request

* Note, 2021 "enhanced" courses will focus on vertical core
subject control material and also showcase an introduction
to additional material drawn from the horizontal core, clinch
with cloth and clutch CQB modules.

Note: Additional open course dates will be released from time to
time at short notice as openings emerge between courses
scheduled for Government clients.

Please contact us to enquire about hosting a course anywhere in
the world.
Weekend courses usually
commence 6pm Friday

2.5 day Vertical Core $399-499
4.5 day LE seminar $799-999
2 day LE phase only $449-549

2 day course $299-399.AUD or

Early bird rate
closes 6-8 weeks before the
course - save $100SC or $200LE

Regular rate
closes 4 weeks before the
course - save $50SC or $100LE

Late payment rate
applies to payments received
within 4 weeks of the course
"Front Line Employees, or simply
anyone who wants a safe and
effective method of controlling
potentially hostile or aggressive
Nick, Police Officer
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