"……full of practical real world
combative applications for
those who work in Law
Enforcement or security
roles……some of the most
effective I have seen to defend
yourself and gain the upper
hand in a combative situation
without resorting to potentially
lethal striking …… usable in a
use of force continuum and
actually work unlike many
moves I have seen people
attempt to utilize. Rob, Crowd
"I would strongly recommend
this course to anyone within
the security and law
enforcement community, as
well as anyone who wants to
learn a simple defending
themselves. I will definitely be
attending any future
seminars"  Steven, Security
"Having trained for 25 years
now, during which time I've
trained in a number of different
styles and systems, I have to
say this was the best course
I've seen of it's type. I haven't
just come away with new
material to play with, but it
taught me a great deal about
effective coaching and I believe
as a result my own coaching
and teaching has improved

I highly recommend this
course to anybody (whether
Martial Artist or untrained) with
an interest in simple, functional
self defence." Ash, MMA Coach
" I attended the first ISR course
in Sydney in 2008 and recently
attended the ISR course in late
November in Canberra and I
found that even after around a
year, I was still able to execute
the training under pressure.
Thanks again to Dave and the
ISR team" - Ron

"Vastly superior to any
contemporary Police DT / OST
package in use in Australia
today...... Australian Police
organisations are performing a
disservice to their staff, and the
community they are expected to
serve, by not implementing ISR"
Editor, Response Australia

"The fundamental principles are
drilled to the point where you no
longer have to think, your body
just does what it needs to do.
The core principles of ISR are
so interchangeable, the system
allows you to move from one
position to the next without
pause, feeling what your
opponent is doing rather than
having to watch for it. We were
able to work through
complicated role related
problems, such as removal of
persons from vehicles, without
having to do anything other then
go back to core principles and
think it through" L, Police Officer
ISR Matrix Australia, in conjunction with our specialist strategic partners, is able to offer or refer training in the full spectrum of tactical and specialist
courses and services to approved organisations:

Trauma Care, Close Personal Protection, Advanced Firearms, Simmunition, Incident Management, Tactical Communication and Hostage Negotiation,
Structure Clearing, Low Light Tactics, Riot Control, Incident Management, Active Shooter, Less Lethal and Chemical Munitions, Secure Courier, Driver
Training, Precision Rifle, Counter Assault Teams, Convoy Security, PSD and much more.

We are able to provide highly trained operators with extensive operational experience for specialist training, security and protection roles and
security and training consultancy, risk management and auditing worldwide.
Contact us to discuss your needs.
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ISR Matrix - The Professional Program for the Professional
ISR Matrix Australia is able to offer various workshops for professionals whose occupational  requirements
include subject control, law enforcement and military considerations and self defence

For more than 10 years, ISR Matrix Australia has conducted seminars for Government and private agencies
within Australia,  USA, Asia and Europe. We have been formally engaged to provide seminars for instructors from
numerous Police, Corrections and Military, Transit Authorities and Public Housing agencies along with Health
Services and Security Companies. We are regularly approached to train domestic and international Police and
Military units and have delivered a diverse range of training sessions.

In addition to our formal training contracts for Government agencies and private companies we also offer public
courses where we have trained individuals from those agencies listed above and many other agencies including
Customs, Immigration, US Federal Air Marshalls and more.

Scheduled courses can be found on our
schedule page. Courses are also notified via our newsletter and
k page. If you are interested in hosting a workshop please contact us.

ISR Matrix Physical Management
Subject Control
The ISR Matrix Physical Management (PM) branch is centered in Subject Control. It is designed for licensed
civilian and employed security personnel working in environments that require hands on subject control,
restraint, and transportation such as executive protection, security personnel, paramedics, elderly and health
care workers, hospital orderlies, and doormen but is not limited to those professions. From individual to team
tactics, the system is designed to directly address the specific needs of the security guard, team, institution or
business requiring the training. Each and every ISRPM seminar and course beyond the ISR Subject Control Core is
designed specifically to meet the needs of our host or client.

The ISR Matrix Physical Management Subject Control Core 40 hours is the foundation and core of the entire ISR
Matrix system and mandatory for any progression into the ISR Matrix’s further study and training. Those wishing
to train in any other aspect of the ISR from its specific modular programs and components to exploring entire
branches of its civilian, law enforcement or military branches must comply with this initial line of training and
successfully pass its required marks in performance and conceptual/ strategic understanding.

To host an ISRPM seminar or course in your area please contact us at: info@isrmatrixaustralia.com

Personal Protection & Self Defense
The ISR Matrix Physical Management (PM) also offers civilians two complete stand-alone strategic and
tactical systems to offer personal protection and self-defense when verbal management of a situation has
broken down and an assault is imminent. Available to everyone in good standing, these two programs are
naturally extensions of our Subject Control emphasis but are by their very nature built entirely around survival
and  preservation when the ability to control a situation has broken down or the risk involved in attempting further
control are no longer optimal or valid.

Women’s C.A.T. (Counter Assault Tactics) – This is a woman specific personal protection and self-
defense system created initially for female and smaller officers and agents working in some of the most
dangerous environments in the world. With a strategic emphasis on escape and evasion and a tactical
methodology on creating as much pain and damage while doing so, the C.A.T. system has been modified to suit  
the modern day woman seeking out to be as fit as she is safe. The complete system is designed to take a  few
years to master but can be trained immediately and tailored specifically to an individual’s specific needs and  
concerns. Classes, seminars, courses, private and semi-private instruction are available.

CLUTCH Fighting /CQB – This is the ISR Matrix’s fundamental program to instruct everything from hand to
hand to less than lethal tools to lethal ones and back and covers the root training methods and tactics that  
served as the initial source for most of our special teams work with the Armed Forces and Undercover Agent
working in some of the most hostile environments in the Middle East, Caribbean, Central & South America.

Designed to cover everything from personal protection to defending one’s loved ones, property and homestead,
the system generally takes years to master but is available in incrementally progressive modular parts that
individuals can customize to fit their needs and concerns.

For further information or questions concerning the ISR Matrix Subject Control, C.A.T. or Clutch Fighting/ CQB
systems, please contact us at info@isrmatrixaustralia.com

ISR Matrix Law Enforcement Courses(restricted enrolment)
Law Enforcement / Police Defensive Tactics
  • Morally and Legally Defensible
  • Tactically Sound
  • Highly Functional
  • Time Tried & Tested since 1996
  • Approved for use in numerous Law Enforcement and Corrections agencies worldwide

The ISR Matrix Law Enforcement (LE) is designed for the patrol officer as a complete defensive tactics system
(hand to hand as well as less than lethal and lethal tools) that can easily be readily integrated with existing S.O.P.
and use of force continuums as required. From officer presence, on through to the use of deadly force, the ISR
Matrix grants officers the adaptability to escalate and de-escalate in direct proportion to subject’s resistance
levels and overcome resistance within their legal frame of reference as peace officer.

Initial ISR Matrix LE courses address core subject control. Typically an initial LE course is conducted as a 5 day
end user courses comprising 60% Subject Control  and 40% LE specific material.
  • Comprising the full 3 day subject control program and two days of integrated Law Enforcement Weapons
    Retention, Counter Weapons, Vehicle Extraction, Team Control and Take Down Tactics,  Cell Extraction
    and Arrest Team applications, introduction to force options transitions and more.
  • Suitable as an initial Defensive Tactics program for ALL Police and Corrections Officers.
  • Specialist upgrades for Tactical Units, Undercover Officers, Water Police, Riot Squads and other specialist
    units also available.
  • These courses are generally hosted by Government Agencies only and are NOT available for public or open

Subsequent LE training is typically taught within our 3 fundamental courses that build upon one another and are
broken down into initial, intermediate and advanced levels. Control Tactics 1-3, Ground Tactics 1-3 and Weapon
Control tactics 1-3. Further training within the ISR-LE branch is in the form of modular seminars and courses that
are typically referenced and briefly shown throughout all training sessions and often cross over in to the ISR-AF
branch due to the work with Special Response Teams/SWAT/Police Tactical Groups.

To host an ISR- LE course or seminar in your area or to book training with the ISR-LE  please contact us at

ISR Matrix LE Instructor Development Program(restricted enrolment)
  • Based on agency specific training needs analysis: Revision, review, recertification of all pertinent ISR
    Matrix Subject Control & LE skills, key points, common faults and training methodology,  ISR Matrix
    conceptual structure, history and origins.
  • ISR Matrix tactical problem solving (TNA specific). Complex environments. Vehicle extractions, paddy
    wagon extractions, cell extractions, confined spaces, team tactics, vehicle combatives and more.       
    Introduction to ISR Matrix Clinch with Cloth, Attached Striking, Water combatives, long gun considerations.
  • Detailed sessions regarding training methodology, instructional and safety considerations.
  • Coaching assessments and feedback. Practical and written examinations. Verbal Q&A assessments.
  • Detailed workplace instructor manual, end user manual, lesson outlines, assessment tools etc available.
  • Instructors summit - professional networking and discussions with experienced instructors from
    numerous agencies utilising the ISR Matrix, trouble shooting OHS, legal and related issues should they
    arise. Status of ISR Matrix techniques and methodology within various agencies around the world. USA
    POST accreditation and accreditation with various Australian agencies.

ISR Matrix Tactical and Armed Forces Course(restricted enrolment)
The ISR Matrix Armed Forces (AF) is designed to meet the needs of military and paramilitary personnel working  
as individuals or as part of special response and anti-terrorist teams.

This training takes into account the various threats encountered every day in different fields of operation yet  
upholds the rules of engagement of each group. The strategies and tactics employed have emphasis on transition
to and from firearms in close quarter battle, urban survival and team tactics. Certain aspects of the ISR-AF are
also commonly used to instruct S.W.A.T. / SRT/Police Tactical Groups.

AF builds upon the ISR Matrix LE foundation and is tailored for the role requirements of the unit. ISR-AF  courses
have been run for the USA Anti-Terrorism Speciality Team and SWAT units since the 1990's. Building upon the
core ISR material, an AF course can address entry team combatives, terminal techniques,  team tactics, clinch
with cloth, ground applications, counter knife and offensive knife, weapon retention, in car combatives, water
combatives, hostage rescue, aviation &public transport intervention, counter-ambush, riot control and more.

Our senior consultant in this field has 33 years full time SWAT experience (over 5000 entries and multiple
hijackings of ships, trains, planes and buses)  in addition to extensive military  deployments through Asia, South
America and the Middle East. All ISR Matrix AF instructors have extensive special  operations experience and
combat sports competition and coaching backgrounds. This material is restricted to those with a valid
occupational need and is not available to civilian enthusiasts.
These courses are available to approved
allied Police Tactical  Groups and military units only.

For further information or questions about the ISR Matrix Armed Forces modular programs or hosting specific
specialty courses, please contact us at info@isrmatrixaustralia.com

Additional ISR Matrix Subject Control Upgrades (Recent subject
control pre-requiste)
  • Subject Control Team Tactics - (One Day) including leg anchors, confined spaces, immediate and delayed
    second and third responding officer. (Law Enforcement, Corrections, Private Security, Health Services
  • Intermediate applications -(One-Two days), Revise Subject Control, introduction to Ground and Combative
    Applications including - attached striking, clinch with cloth, ground recovery, clinch combatives

    ISR Matrix Introductory Seminar - 4 hours
  • History and Origins of ISR Matrix
  • Strategic Point of View & Trained Course of Action
  • Overview of the ISR Matrix PM, LE and AF systems
  • Overview of the ISR training methodology
  • Introduction to several core interceptors and stabilisers.
  • The introduction session is suitable for private security, Police, Corrections, Military, grapplers, martial
    artists and civilians seeking an introduction to self defence applications