"……full of practical real world
combative applications for
those who work in Law
Enforcement or security
roles……some of the most
effective I have seen to defend
yourself and gain the upper
hand in a combative situation
without resorting to potentially
lethal striking …… usable in a
use of force continuum and
actually work unlike many
moves I have seen people
attempt to utilize. Rob, Crowd
"I would strongly recommend
this course to anyone within
the security and law
enforcement community, as
well as anyone who wants to
learn a simple defending
themselves. I will definitely be
attending any future
seminars"  Steven, Security
"Having trained for 25 years
now, during which time I've
trained in a number of different
styles and systems, I have to
say this was the best course
I've seen of it's type. I haven't
just come away with new
material to play with, but it
taught me a great deal about
effective coaching and I believe
as a result my own coaching
and teaching has improved

"I highly recommend this
course to anybody (whether
Martial Artist or untrained) with
an interest in simple, functional
self defence." Ash, MMA Coach
" I attended the first ISR course
in Sydney in 2008 and recently
attended the ISR course in late
November in Canberra and I
found that even after around a
year, I was still able to execute
the training under pressure.
Thanks again to Dave and the
ISR team" - Ron

"Vastly superior to any
contemporary Police DT / OST
package in use in Australia
today...... Australian Police
organisations are performing a
disservice to their staff, and the
community they are expected to
serve, by not implementing ISR"
Editor, Response Australia

"The fundamental principles are
drilled to the point where you no
longer have to think, your body
just does what it needs to do.
The core principles of ISR are
so interchangeable, the system
allows you to move from one
position to the next without
pause, feeling what your
opponent is doing rather than
having to watch for it. We were
able to work through
complicated role related
problems, such as removal of
persons from vehicles, without
having to do anything other then
go back to core principles and
think it through" L, Police Officer
ISR Matrix Australia, in conjunction with our specialist strategic partners, is able to offer or refer training in the full spectrum of tactical and specialist courses and services to approved

Trauma Care, Close Personal Protection, Advanced Firearms, Simmunition, Incident Management, Tactical Communication and Hostage Negotiation, Structure Clearing, Low Light Tactics,
Riot Control, Incident Management, Active Shooter, Less Lethal and Chemical Munitions, Secure Courier, Driver Training, Precision Rifle, Counter Assault Teams, Convoy Security, PSD and
much more.

We are able to provide highly trained operators with extensive operational experience for specialist training, security and protection roles and security and training consultancy, risk
management and auditing worldwide. Contact us to discuss your needs.

ISR Matrix - The Professional Program for the Professional
For more than 10 years, ISR Matrix Australia has conducted seminars for Government and private agencies
within Australia, USA, Asia and Europe. We have been formally engaged to provide seminars for instructors from
numerous Police, Corrections and Military, Transit Authorities and Public Housing agencies along with Health
Services and Security Companies. We are regularly approached to train domestic and international Police and
Military units and have delivered a diverse range of training sessions.

In addition to our formal training contracts for Government agencies and private companies we also offer public
courses where we have trained individuals from those agencies listed above and many other agencies including
Customs, Immigration, US Federal Air Marshalls and more.

Scheduled courses can be found on our schedule page. Courses are also notified via our newsletter and
Facebook page. If you are interested in hosting a workshop please contact us.

Getting Started
Training within the ISR Matrix is available to everyone in good standing and through several avenues depending on
their specific goals, scheduling restraints, and the legal parameters involved i.e. civilian personal protection,
licensed security personnel, LEO, or active military personnel.

Courses, seminars, workshops, private and semi-private instruction are available in both end user and accredited
formats within all three branches of the primary system as well as our more specific and goal oriented modular

End user instruction is self-explanatory and accredited instruction works much like university structured
curriculums where training and testing hours that are passed appropriately are collected and structured towards
eventual graduation and certification in the individual’s chosen branch of study and training.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions you may have or to better assist you with planning
your training goals with the ISR Matrix.

Where it all begins - ISR Matrix Vertical Core
*The Vertical Core is available in parts and as a whole through seminars and courses as well as private and semi-
private instruction as are most of the instruction and training available with the ISR Matrix. This program is most
commonly offered over a 5 day restricted agency hosted course or two * 2.5 day weekend open courses.

Each and all potential ISR Matrix affiliates and certified instructors regardless of what branch of the system they
are specializing in, as well as anyone wishing to train in the many varied and unique modular programs of the
company, must meet the minimum requirement of 40 credit hours of the ISR Core; its fundamental subject control
program. The ISR Core introduces every potential candidate in the guiding principles, strategy and tactics of the
ISR Matrix and introduces them to our uniquely structured and guided teaching methodology as well as our
physical training pace. The ISR Core is the root from which all three branches and all those trained in our many
modules are initially developed from.

The ISR Core 40 hours, if completed with passing marks, offers its graduates entry into the ISR Matrix’s Instructor
Development program (IDP) and liaison status within the company’s subject control program. From this starting
point onward, individuals then decide which direction best suits their training goals and qualifications. Further
study and training in the ISR Core for certification and or affiliate status requires additional in depth and
comprehensive training.

The ISR Core 40 is mandatory for any progression into the ISR Matrix’s further study and training. Those wishing
to train in any other aspect of the ISR from its specific modular programs and components to exploring entire
branches of its civilian, law enforcement or military branches must comply with this initial line of training and
successfully pass its required marks in performance and conceptual/ strategic understanding. Depending on the
Instructor Candidate’s goals and the specific branch they are training within, any training beyond the initial ISR
Core 40 is not always required. Once having completed and passed the ISR Core 40 and at the Liaison status,
Students can then customize what they wish to learn and train and are usually granted access to most of the end
user modular systems within each branch.

Progress beyond the ISR Core 40 is typically pursued by individuals seeking certification and an expertise that will
lead them towards affiliation and instructorship.

ISR Matrix Vertical Core Subject Control Course
Note that returning students will also receive comprehensive revision of the core material, an introduction to
intermediate modules and further LE material (for LEO's) Comprising 24-40 hours intensive training over 3-5 days
and the core of everything we do in the ISR. Successful completion of this course is a must for enrolment in the
Instructor Development Program and specialist modules. This format is our most popular course.
The ISR Matrix  Vertical Core is designed for licensed civilian and employed security personnel working in
environments that require subject control, restraint, and transportation such as executive protection, hospital
orderlies, security guards and bouncers. From individual to team tactics, the system is designed to directly
address the specific needs of the security guard, team, institution or business requiring the training.

Day 1&2
History and Origins of ISR Matrix techniques, system and organisation
Strategic Point of View & Trained and Tested Course of Action
ISR as a problem solving approach
Overview of the ISR Matrix PM, LE and AF systems
Overview of the ISR Matrix training methodology
Introduction, Isolation and Integration of Intercepting and Stabilising Skills:
Forklift, Helmet, Dive, Arm Drag, 2 on 1 Escort, Wrist Weave, Seatbelt, Harness, Body Lock, Shake the Blanket,
Under hook and Pike, The Triple Threat Takedowns, Knee and Ankle Trip
Surviving the physical assault ambush and regaining the initiative
When arm holds fail - the torso control options
Environmental and situational awareness and control

Day 3
Revise Days 1 & 2 and introduce increased resistance.
Introduction to Resolution:
The "S" position, arm wrap, knee ride, back mount with rides, handlebar, and resolution for cuffing
Integration of Day 1, 2 & 3 skills against alive resistance during progressive evolutions including multiple subjects
and confined spaces if applicable
Introduction to confined space tactics if applicable
Environmental and situational awareness and control

Day 4&5
Content typically based around host agency requirements and objectives. This may include:
Revision of all material
Existing Workplace Defensive Tactics Instructor Development
Teach backs of all material
Practical and written assessments
Environment, team, equipment and/or situation specific applications

Additional ISR Matrix Subject Control Upgrades
•        Subject Control Team Tactics - (One Day) including leg anchors, confined spaces, immediate and delayed
second and third responding officer. (Law Enforcement, Corrections, Private Security, Health Services
•        Intermediate applications -(One-Two days), Revise Subject Control, introduction to  Ground and Combative
Applications including - attached striking, clinch with cloth, ground recovery, clinch combatives

ISR Matrix Introductory Seminar - 4 hours
•        History and Origins of ISR Matrix
•        Strategic Point of View & Trained Course of Action
•        Overview of the ISR Matrix PM, LE and AF systems
•        Overview of the ISR training methodology
•        Introduction to several core interceptors and stabilisers.
•        The introduction session is suitable for private security, Police, Corrections, Military, grapplers, martial
artists and civilians seeking an introduction to self defence applications.

ISR Matrix Vertical Core Subject Control Training and Certification Progression:
ISR Subject Control Workplace Liaison: 40 credit total hours earned – ISR Core (Apprentice level recognition by
the ISR Matrix through an ISR Matrix Instructors signed certification permitting the liaison to co-facilitate in the
delivery of the ISR Matrix Subject Control Vertical Core solely within the confines of their Department and not for
profit. The Subject Control Liaison is understood to be teaching to develop further understanding of the system
and training approach while simultaneously introducing new people to the material via end user training sessions.
They are not permitted to offer accredited training towards certification nor offer ISR training on a commercial

ISR Matrix Vertical Core Subject Control Instructor Development Program
Suitable applicants may be presented with the opportunity to commence in the ISR Matrix Instructor Development
Program following successful completion of two ISR Matrix Physical Management Subject Control/Foundation
Skills courses.  A minimum of a total 120 hours training is required prior to evaluation as an ISR Matrix Subject
Control Provisional Instructor. The instructor development program comprises intensive coaching and training
methodology courses. Theory, practical and teaching components will be covered and
assessed. There is no guarantee of passing. ISR sets the highest instructor quality standards in the industry. The
objective of this program is to prepare candidates for final assessment by an ISR Matrix Board member.

ISR Matrix Vertical Core Subject Control Instructor: 120 credit total hours earned – ISR Vertical Core + ISR Matrix
Instructor Development Program + Company Approval (Certified by ISR Matrix President to develop new Subject
Control Liaisons. ISR Matrix Subject Control Instructors are authorized to teach the ISR Subject Control Vertical
Core in any hourly format they feel best serves their students and clients. They are also permitted to run fully
accredited seminars and courses to build ISR Subject Control Liaisons and offer up to 80 accredited hours
towards Subject Control Provisional Instructor Certification and status. Only an ISR Matrix Instructor Trainer or
Senior  Board member can approve of the Instructor status and sign off on the proper certification.
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