ISR Matrix Physical Management 101 3 Disk DVD Set - $200
The ISR-PM Physical Management DVD set covers our core fundamentals in respect to the strategy and tactics involved with individual
subject control and team tactics. Designed originally for use in Law Enforcement and Military Teams working in policing or with special
objectives requiring hands on seize, arrest and transport tools, the ISR Matrix's physical management program is designed for civilian
security personnel and working professionals in the personal protection and security fields.

We are therefore proud to present our first instructional video series on the core training concepts and fundamental tactics that thrive
within the dynamic I.S.R. Matrix LE and are now available for the first time to civilians working in security fields in a manner requiring
measurable, controlled, dynamic and appropriate or morally justifiable us of force.

Each DVD is over 120 minutes of instructional and seminar footage covering tactics from their conceptual roots on through to the fine
details of their expression into subject control. Each DVD also includes bonus footage taken directly from its original ISR MATRIX LE set
which was until now available only to sworn peace officers and active military personnel working in a policing force or mission.

If your line of work involves the management, control, detention and/ or transportation of subjects, this DVD set will give you the
fundamental strategies and tactics to assure your efforts are supported with the most safe, efficient and functional tactics in the industry
as well as the most compassionate means available as directly proportional to the resistance and aggression encountered.

DVD 1-
Intercept: "Entering, closing the distance and acquiring position"
Detailed Instruction of Helmet, Dive and Arm Drags
LE Bonus footage covering:                                                                                                                                       
1.The Forklift. ISR LE's interviewing platform and neutral structure.                                                               
2.The Helmet. ISR LE's primary interceptor.
3.The Dive.
4.The Underhook & Pike. ISR LE's primary position in both the first two phases of the matrix.
5.Clearing and catching.
6.Hand Fighting. One of many ISR LE training method.
7.Arm dragging.
8.The Wrist Weave. ISR LE's unique entry from transporters and escorts.
9.Level changes.
10.Weak links in traditional tactics.

DVD 2 -
Stabilize: "Establishing control, destabilizing and grounding."
Detailed Instruction of the Underhook & Pike, the wrist weave, the harness
LE Bonus footage covering:
1.The Brace Position. ISR LE's primary position to neutralize striking.
2.The Harness. ISR LE's very secure body lock to either resolve the situation or wait for back up.
3.Front Headlock.
4.Knee blocks.
5.Knee bumps.
6.Shaking out the blanket. Brother tactic to the harness, an easy way to set the subject down.
7.Triple threat vs. the Underhook and Pike. Versatility, the true strength of the Underhook & Pike.
8.Quarter Position. ISR LE's primary and safe position for takedowns.
9.Back Position.
10.Wrist Weave. The wrist weave as a take down.

DVD 3 -
Resolve: "Establishing position, securing options and creating resolution."
Detailed Instruction of  the Triple Threat;  Teams, Escorts & Transports
LE Bonus footage covering:                                                                                                                                         
1.The S-Position. ISR LE's safety position. The primary platform for resolution and cuffing.
2.Arm Wrapping. ISR LE's unique method to completely control and turn subject.
4.Mount transitions.
5.Knee Ride
6.Side Ride.
7.Rides not hooks. ISR LE's preferred platform from which to cuff.

ISR Matrix Law Enforcement 101 5  Disk  DVD Set - $350
This series is dedicated to every hard working Peace Officer that goes that extra mile to research and study case history and the
law, and to train the tools and the tactics that directly affect how capable, "response-able", and ultimately confident they are to
address and best represent and perform their job... to serve and protect.

The ISR-LE 101 set covers the core training concepts and fundamental tactics that thrive within the dynamic I.S.R. Matrix LE. Each
DVD is over 60 minutes of professionally shot and edited instructional and seminar footage covering tactics from their conceptual
roots on through to the fine details of their expression.

If you are a Law Officer and want to see what the ISR LE is all about, this introduction takes you through much of what is presented
in our hands on ISR LE 101 workshops held worldwide. The tactics are shown and discussed between seminar footage and direct
instruction to give the viewer a very complete experience of the I.S.R. Matrix LE. The viewer sees what is expected and then sees it
being worked by officers for the first time. The result is a testament to how quickly the material transfers over mentally and
physically and why it is so quickly revolutionizing the way DT Instructors look at their own responsibilities, options and abilities.

Note: ISR LE Products are strictly for Law Enforcement only. They are available exclusively to active,
sworn, and licensed law / corrections officers, DT or military trainers. Defence or Police email address or
ID required.

ISR Matrix T-shirts $25
Black shirt with grey printed logos on chest and back.
Hard wearing, heave weight and super smooth fabric for a great print result.
180 GSM 100% Cotton
Shoulder to shoulder tape
Fabric pre-shrunk to minimise shrinkage
Double needle bottom hem and sleeves

ISR Matrix Cap out of stock   
Black cap with grey embroidered logo.
Structured 6 panel low profile
Pre-curved peak
Fabric covered short touch strap
LE/Corrections,Military ID req
Size                  S     M    L  XL   XXL
Chest - cm     47  52  56  61  64
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