Student testimonial "I love the problem solving from the system, the hundreds if not thousands of reps give you
strong foundations. So when the shit hits the fans and bad guy goes nuts you just flow to the next options
automatically. Have never been on a course where the moves become default mode and ready for immediate
use" Stan

"..... This is an exceptional course..... Many of those on this course have done it before and are return participants simply because it is so effective ! 3 days
training to build a lifetime of confidence and skill . I walked into the Perth Course with 30 years plus of experience in the Martial Arts Industry . I walked out
of the course an incredibly more effective and capable Exponent and Instructor . Don't miss your chance to experience the Matrix for yourself " Andrew

Student testimonials "Could only do the first night, but eye opening. I could have gone all night and wished I could have done the whole weekend. Thanks
heaps guys and I'd happily join in again!" Ashley.

Testimonial: "Any Security; Emergency Service; Fight Sport; Combative Student / Instructor or Military Professional will benefit from this training . With 30
years of experience ; I thought I had seen almost everything our Industry had to offer . I was wrong . My first few hours of training with Dave in The I.S.R.
Matrix had me completely focused and determined to finish it . I went to this course last year; unsure what to expect . I walked in the door of an incredibly
well disguised Law Enforcement training facility ( Undisclosed location)..... The other people on the course were a friendly mix of LE / Mil / Civilian
Professionals ; all mainly Instructors of other systems of one description or another . I was more then surprised to find many of them were there for their 3rd
and 4th time . The first night was an eye opener . The second day devastated my whole concept of Martial Understanding . The 3rd ended with a sense of
grief that the course was over and I would not see it or the people I completed it with for another year .
...... Yes you pay for your training .... nothing worthwhile is free . But you will take away far more then you ever pay for . You will ( if you finish the entire
course ) walk away with a sense of achievement very few ever experience and a skill set that will enhance anything you have already studied ...."

"I continue to get proof of concept out of my ISR training. In a situation where I'd restrained a person on the ground I was set on by 4-6 attackers punching
and kicking. Using the helmet I was able to not only limit the damage to superficial and survive, but actually pull the person I'd restrained close enough into
my shell that I protected him too. Sensational stuff, allowed me to survive till backup arrived" J, Crowd Controller

"Attacked by a drunk swinging haymakers where I work in a club, helmet in to barrel him into the wall, undertook & pike, take the back and straight into 2 on
1. Awesome, worked a treat reflexively even now, three months later. Can't rate this stuff highly enough!" J

"Just attended the recent ISR Matrix course. Fantastic! Best practise training methodologies, lots of reps, aliveness, use of force, minimising chance of
being knocked out, great instruction, transitions etc. Thoroughly recommended. ISR Matrix is my no. 1 recommendation for short course training provider."
Low Tech Combat Blog

"Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for the awesome training. I have not stopped raving about it at work or to friends & family.
At first I must admit I did not know what I was getting myself into and had a few reservations about the whole thing. Today even though I experienced a lot of
soreness a few bruises here and there and the fact that it took my body three days to recover fully I feel great and really enjoyed it.. I now know I am
equipped to protect myself and [the VIP] as that’s why I was doing the training in the first place. I have a new found confidence that I can do the job. I am so
much more aware of my surroundings at work as well and always in the forklift position. Once again thanks so much. Many thanks C"

"Thanks for your instruction and good humour during the recent Perth ISR course. It was a challenge for me to come in with almost no previous experience,
but I came away with a very applicable skill set to help keep me protected on the road. It was a really good course with some great participants. Again,
thanks very much and I look forward to catching you again next time you are in Perth, Kind Regards, J (Paramedic)

"With over 30 years training in the Martial Arts at all levels ; I have never experienced such a sharp yet incredibly effective learning curve ; with such fluid
and solid results . Thank you so much Stan Selfdefenceman for introducing me to the ISR Matrix and thank you Dave for teaching me the fundamentals . I
can honestly say that despite all I previously knew , I have learnt more in the last 3 days ( and learnt it more effectively ) then I have over the decades I
have been studying . I am now far more equipped to deal with violent confrontation then I ever was before . I have never been to a more effective and well
run Training Course in all the years I have been a student of the Martial Arts at any level . Thank you ; and I will definitely see you all at the next Perth ISR
Matrix Course" Andrew

"Simply the most effective and fluid System I have ever experienced . I have never seen a more effective style taught this quickly and effectively so
thoroughly . This system is a platform that will benefit any Martial Art and increase its effective capability with solid results" Andrew

"Another fantastic course, the problem solving in the matrix just expanded for me into area that I wasn't even thinking about! Great to see people with no
prior martial art or field experience controlling and taking down bad guys at the end of day three. It was great to see and train under low light and strobe
condition (I did know it would work) just great to train in night conditions" Stan

As a smaller female grappler whom does a lot of solitary travelling, my expectations from this course were to gain skills for personal self-defence and to see
how the self-defence can translate to grappling. With relatively little amount of time I was able to effectively defend against others of bigger size (even
literally double my weight). The concept that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend against a bigger person is a testament to how well the
techniques work. The fundamental techniques are easy to understand and were presented in progressively stressful scenarios which does not allow for a
false sense of reality. The concept of “fundamentals” and “aliveness” can translate from self-defence to sport and beyond. My conviction in these concepts
comes also from the high regard I have for the origins of ISR Matrix and its founders. And last but defiantly not least, it was fun! Simple as that. Dave and
the other participants made it a very enjoyable learning environment! Thanks Dave! Looking forward to the next seminar! SmAshley

“Reddawn Australia has engaged the services of ISR Matrix to upskill its operatives with great results out in the field, Easy to use and facilitate for all levels
of fitness & competency, Reddawn will continue to engage and recommend ISR Matrix across Australia and beyond. Thank you” September 26, 2012
Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative

“ISR Matrix is a simple yet comprehensive system for self-defence. The way the techniques are taught, combined with their inherent simplicity, enables the
trainee to become proficient and confident very quickly. This is also a fundamentally non-violent system, meaning people using it can always work within
legal boundaries. While this course is a must for anyone working in dangerous environments or where physical contact is common, it is also useful for the
general public, as unexpected situations can always arise. I highly recommend ISR Matrix for their professionalism and the high quality of the course.”
September 24, 2012  Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity. Daevid Anderson

“Best physical management and empty hands training i have ever done. 3 days only 13 techniques, no strikes or kicks, hundreds of repetitions. had
beginner go from zero to taking down big guys in three days. High functional for law enforcement and security personnel, used in mma, bjj and krav maga,
taught it to people for self defence and even kids for anti bullying” September 21, 2012. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value. Stan Nelson

Sydney Course Review 2012
Toki'ukamea Liutai:
Second time around doing the course! Again, wonderful knowledge with Intercept, Stabilise and Resolution. A wide selection of students and varying
intensity levels matched with flawless coaching from your trainers. Thanks for your knowledge, you've basically revamped our whole team response to
violent situations! Thanks mate!

Simon Auston, Red Dawn Security: Thank you for the 3 days of training learnt a huge amount of knowledge which will be used in our industry-crowd control
Great course regardless of fitness or build 3 women in our course 7 men ranging from 50 kgs to 160 kgs and all performed well
Thanks ISR Matrix

Rod Wark, Security: Hey Dave the helmet just saved my arse at the Nats this yr! I was set upon by 8 others, there was 4 us and 20 of them, thank god for
the helmet!!! Hope to see you in Cbr soon. Take care

Facebook Feedback:
"ISR Matrix combines practicality and functionality. The skills learned and applied are functional and reliable. It also bridges the gaps in self-
confidence, mental fortitude and ability. It is unique in its training methods and instructors, making it world class. Bottom's legit, no
Tactical, Practical.... Athletically Provable. Designed for the "show me, don't tell me" generation.
Low Tech Combat: Readily learnt and applied under pressure.
Elton Aldridge: World class.
Clarrie Schultz: You have to put up or shut up. You learn a lot about yourself and capabilties.
Rod Wark: Simply the Best, it's the best way to become the best you can be!! Friggin awesome.
Rod Jellyman: Life saving
Anthony Joseph Luke Kavanagh: Easy to grasp. excellent to practice and highly effective in the field.
Andrew Cottage: ISR Matrix combines practicality and functionality. The skills learned and applied are functional and reliable. It also bridges the gaps in self-
confidence, mental fortitude and ability. It is unique in its training methods and instructors, making it world class. Bottom's legit, no bullshit!
Dean Rogers: Solid, Reliable and whole lot of fun. Don't waste your money anywhere else. Good tunes too!!!
Jon Craig: Definitely a worthwhile experience. Thanks to Dave, we get a chance to evaluate our skill set and check our strengths and areas to work on. A
must for all the right reasons.
Terry O'm Dave knows his shit and when you are finished the course, so do you!
Delta November: The ONLY defensive training I have ever seen that is able to be applied effectively on the street, after only a few days of training. Also the
ONLY self-defense training package that can be practised at full intensity, with no resulting injuries. Far more effective and relevant that anything else out
there, including currently-taught Police / Military self-defense packages.
Gavin Bright: A training system that can be applied subconsciously with real life threats after 3 days of 8 hour training sessions with hundreds of reps. ISR
training gives you experience in what it would be really like out on the streets with out the injury factor. Plus a whole heap of fun
Chris Urquhart Practical, versatile,intense, no bull s#@T and definitely not for the faint hearted.
Stan Nelson: No other course can match this for intensity and learning. 13 moves with multiple uses and a problem solving approach using the matrix that is
not looking to add new techniques but instead how can we use what we have to solve the challenge. It was great to train again, with some good people
under pressure it felt like the fight had slowed down and I had 3 minutes to get control and not 3 seconds. Hundreds of reps to burn it in to the mind and
body. Also with so many reps it's easy to move to something else when it turns to shit and you need to move on to another position. If you want good solid
dependable empty hands control there is nothing better than ISR Matrix. Thanks tremendously, Stan the self defence man, western australia

"To everyone at the course/seminar on Saturday thank you so much had a great time training with you got a lot out the experience I've tried a few other
practical systems but this was first one I have found that didn't leave me thinking I would have to explain myself in court if had to use it. I will continue to drill
what I have learned and I hope to be able to come for a full course next time it comes to Melbourne thank you once again hope to see you in the future"

"ISR, the work of another genius real world operator. A very nice Australian ( yes, they do exist!) came and showed me the basics after my friend told me to
check it out. Its simply one of the best standing grappling systems and pressure training methods out there. I firmly believe that this is very necessary for all
police/prison staff who need restraints. I did only 4 hours of this in Bangkok under the very well qualified Dave who literally blew me away. Please check him
out and see how great this system is ....I realy love to promote people who have worked so hard to give us such great stuff, many thanks to Dave and
founder Luis" Charley, Thailand Martial Arts Seminars

Melbourne 2011 course testimonial:"Going into ISR Matrix course for the third time I thought I knew what to expect. I anticipated getting in another three
days of reps, fine tuning my technique and fighting through the ‘circle drill’ aka ‘circle of death’ until I could barely breathe. But this 3 day course totally blew
all that away!

I had my first circle in pitch darkness, blinded by strobelight, unable to see opponents advancing, and having to intercept them based on touch alone. In the
confusion I was amazed to be able to pull off the techniques all the way to a take down and resolution. And this was on day one!

Day two and three saw our group advance to team tactics, restraint and control of multiple offenders with multiple good guys. We trained on the mats,
outside, used the walls to our advantage, and escorted bad guys down stairs.

Of course the repetitions were there, and every time I hear the words ‘Glove up’ I cringe a little bit. But the circle is where everything gets tested. Even
fighting muscle fatigue and minor injury at the end of day three I was still able to take down an opponent and resolve a fight, which is a testament to the
effectiveness of ISR Matrix techniques.

I really liked the structure of the course and how it was broken up. The instructor did a really good job of reading our energy levels and assigned drills
accordingly to get the most out of us.

ISR Matrix gives me confidence in my ability to restrain and control another person while blinded, dizzy, fatigued or injured, without harming myself further,
or harming the other person accidentally. I had a lot of fun on the course, met some great people, copped a few punches, but most importantly, I feel safe
to go and do my job without fear of injury or excessive force complaints"

Perth course review July 2010
In July 2010 I had the privilege to attend my second course in ISR Matrix. I believe the first course in 2008
was one of the first times the system had been taught outside the US and was a breath of fresh air with its
simplicity and efficiency. This course differed slightly from the previous one and it’s easy to see that the
system is still evolving and being refined. I was lucky enough to be one of the only civilians on the course
which gave me the opportunity to learn from people working in Law Enforcement, the Armed Forces and Security Guards.

The brilliance of the ISR Matrix is the speed at which someone can learn the basic techniques, and then apply them under greater levels of pressure,
intensity and resistance. One person on the course had never done any martial arts or hand to hand combat (he was however a firearms expert) and he
quickly learned the moves and was suitably proficient by the end of the first day. It's testament to the system's simplicity that I still remembered the
techniques having not trained them in almost 2 years. That being said, for someone who had done the course previously, there was still a lot to learn,
refine and practice.

Another great thing about the ISR Matrix is the way it is taught. Light music and some simple, but ever changing drills camouflage the repetitions and you
never feel bored or like you are performing the same technique over and over. You simply work through the steps and before you know it you have done
hundreds of reps, increasing your proficiency exponentially. Over time you are exposed to greater intensity and it’s easy to see how effective the system is.
By the end of the third day we could each handle [ground stabilise] a larger attacker trying to knock us out at 100% intensity, in around 6 seconds. No
fancy moves, and not a single strike. [on an entry level course].

I cannot recommend this course highly enough. If you work in any field where you may encounter aggressive people this is certainly the course for you.
Now I’m just an average guy who is interested in martial arts so don’t just take my word for it. Look at the testimonials from guys like the ones I trained with,
who are working in dangerous situations every day, and they swear by it. Police Officers, people working in corrections facilities, Security professionals, and
military personnel alike agree that ISR Matrix is a versatile, effective and simple system.
I can’t wait to train it again. As soon as I heal from this course that is!

Brisbane 2010

Having participated in martial arts since 1962 with a number of instructors, I was struck with the professionalism and organisation of the ISR Matrix course
conducted over three full, well-spent days. The ISR Matrix course fills the gap that was needed in the area of self-defence and subject restraint.

I was particularly impressed with the training program that slowly, but inexorably, progressed from simple to complex situations incorporating a variety of
stimuli and distractions necessary to become proficient in mastering the techniques. By the end of the second day, we were learning to fight in the dark and
subdue any opponent regardless of size by transitioning quickly to the stabilization and resolution phase. This intensive three-day system of training
resulted in an extremely effective and practical application of skills.
Thank you for providing an enormously valuable assortment and collection of skills.

Jon Craig,
IPSC National Range Officer,
retired school teacher,
Wing Chun exponent and former student of Bruce Lee

Brisbane  Aug 2009
I attended ISR in 2008 & 2009 and will continue to attend every chance I get. The drills and intensity against larger, stronger, more skilled and fitter
individuals certainly tests what will work in reality. I am vertically challenged and ISR has provided tools that will value add to me and my school. Some prior
learning has being challenged by ISR concepts and fortunately I can say, you can teach and old dog new and better tricks. I thank Tim & Davo for imparting
their knowledge. I look forward to the next one.
If you are a Wing Chun follower be loyal to the principals and do ISR you will come out better for it. This is my second ISR Matrix course and I strongly
recommend ISR to all who seek self improvement. The strength of ISR is in its simple and functional responses regardless of applied combat stresses. If
you want to stay within your comfort zone this course is not for you. ISR compliments my schools focus and training methodology. I look forward to
supporting and training in ISR every chance I get. ISR rox, hope to have you in Townsville soon. Thank you.
Pablo Cardenas

Review of 2008 Sydney course from Luke Beston, Gracie BJJ Black Belt:
Hi all, Just got home from the 3 day ISR Matrix PM course in Sydney. Awesome course! - fantastic material taught by a fantastic coach. Thanks to Coach
Tim for his time and effort. A great instructor, communicator, and motivator. Thanks to Davo and Jim for their hard work and making it all happen. Would
recommend the course to anyone who has the opportunity to attend and I look forward to sharing the material with my students.  
Luke Beston

A review of 2008 Sydney course from James Seckold, Floro Fighting Systems Instructor
Hi All, Just got in from the ISR course and have to second Lukes comments, easily the best course I have been on. Great coach, great drills and great
material, the transformation of some of the students was incredible, going from light contact drills up to full out full on contact making the material work in
some difficult circumstances. Thanks to all of you who came and supported Daves efforts , Rays seminar and to Tim who drove everyone to personal and
group success with great training methodology and insight. I had a great time and wish all on the Brissie course good luck for next week. Thanks again!!
Best Regards,

Darren Turnbull Sydney 2008 (Australia) wrote at 11:52pm on October 2nd, 2008
Hey guys, awesome time and amazing learnings. I second the posts below. I enjoy the training, the learnings and wish to thank Dave for the opportunity to
train in ISR with Tim and also in knife with Ray.  A pleasure to meet both ppl. Thanks D for making it possible.
Cheers, much appreciated to all involved, Darren.

Ash S Sydney 2008(Australia) wrote at 1:41pm on October 3rd, 2008 Review of ISR Sydney:
A very professionally delivered course, presented with a world class and effective coaching method. All drills and material were set at the perfect level so
that all course participants developed confidence and efficiency in all techniques. As for the material itself, very effective techniques that I have full
confidence in using. The system is clear, concise and effective, and leaves no real questions unanswered in regard to the control and restraint of an
aggressive, unarmed subject. Australia's Law Enforcement agencies could really benefit from this system. Overall it was easily the best course of its type
that I have attended and I look forward to attending future ISR courses. I highly recommend it for people of any background or experience. Much thanks to
you guys for making it happen and providing me with the opportunity to participate. Brilliant effort. Kind Regards,
Ash S
MMA Coach

Long Review by Ash S, Sydney 2008
It's a little later than anticipated but here's the review I promised. Please note that I am not involved with the ISR guys in any official capacity and do not
represent them here in Australia. I simply completed the course and now utilise ISR training and methodologies within my own MMA curriculum. I've tried to
be as unbiased as possible in this review, but frankly the course impressed me that much that I don't really have any negative feedback.

Review - ISR Matrix Physical Management Course, Sydney 2008: Prior to attending this course, I had already been aware of the ISR Matrix program for a
number of years through the Straight Blast Gym. I was impressed with the handful of short videos available on their website (and now youtube) and was
very keen to do the course, but had resigned myself to never being able to afford to travel to the States specifically to attend the course. So it was with a
great deal of excitement that I accepted an invitation from Dave to attend the course in Sydney during ISR's first Australian visit.

Right from the introduction, Tim the US based instructor pointed out that ISR was nothing new or revolutionary, it was simply a different methodology
applied to movements and techniques that had been around for centuries (mostly in the various wrestling styles). Off to a great start - it's always refreshing
to hear an instructor admit that they were not teaching something they considered new or superior, just a different way of looking at things. The training
itself started off relatively light as we all adapted to the unique terminology of ISR (Wrist Weaves, Seatbelts, Harness, Helmet, Underhook and Pike, Shaking
the Blanket, Straight Jacket, Zombie Drill, Jack Knife etc).

This course had a very simple approach - learn 9 moves that all seamlessly interact with each other, train reps, reps and more reps and then do even more
reps against full resistance. The movements taught throughout the course were all very simple, gross motor patterns that allowed very quick assimilation
and as a result we were able to effectively utilise our first few techniques against full resistance (mouthguard and boxing gloves only) within a few hours of
starting the course.

Tim's coaching method was fantastic. He delivered all the material in a very direct manner, demonstrating on various attendee's at various angles and
speeds before giving personal attention to each and every participant. He managed to find the perfect balance between personal attention and leaving
enough space for all participants to try the movements out and get used to them. 'Hidden Reps' was the theme of the course, with drills being changed
regularly so you didn't feel you were working the same material over and over again.

Day One saw approximately 6 hours of training before calling it a night and resting up for what was to be the biggest day of the course.

Day Two saw us training from 8am til 6pm with a lunch break somewhere in the middle. The first half of the day was revision from day one, with some
introduction work on a couple of new moves. The afternoon saw us putting it all together in completely alive drills (Zombie Drills).
By the end of day two, we had learned all the major techniques of the program and put them into effect against fully resistance opponents. This may not
sound that impressive, but there were participants on the course with very limited Martial Arts experience who were now facing much heavier, more
experienced opponents throwing full force punches and they were able to avoid being hit cleanly, and take down the opponent to resolution every single
time - an impressive feat to say the least.

Day Three started off with some light warm up drills based on revision (by this stage everyone was a little achy from the previous 2 days) and quickly built
back up to full resistance training. The last day was capped off with some team fighting applications (mostly aimed at Law Enforcement officers and Security
Teams) and some knife defence work based on Jerry Wetzel's Red Zone program.

Having trained for 25 years now, during which time I've trained in a number of different styles and systems, I have to say this was the best course I've seen
of it's type. I haven't just come away with new material to play with, but it taught me a great deal about effective coaching and I believe as a result my own
coaching and teaching has improved tenfold.

I highly recommend this course to anybody (whether Martial Artist or untrained) with an interest in simple, functional self defence. The ISR program is
particularly useful for Law Enforcement or security personnel, but can easily be utilised as a clinch/stand-up grappling program for Martial Artists training
predominantly in striking arts or BJJ. It will work in with any other Martial Art system without having a negative impact on that system's current syllabus.

As an epilogue to this review, the ISR influenced material that I am now teaching has been effectively used on a number of occasions by Law Enforcement
officers in the course of their duties. All feedback has been positive so far which stands as further testimony to the effectiveness of both the ISR material
and their coaching method. (I can't and won't take any credit for it, I'm merely the conduit)Hope this review helps to shed some light, let me know if you have
any further questions - or if you want to experience the material first hand, please feel free to pop by the club to give it a go.

Ash S
MMA Coach

Luke Beston wrote at  11:47am: Looking forward to learning more ISR in 2009. Have been sharing the material with the guys at my school and has been
a great addition to our program. As coach Tim pointed out it's an excellent compliment to BJJ. Highly recommend ISR to anyone who has the opportunity.
Thanks again to the coaches and all the students for a great experience from Shane Huggy and myself.

Ron Goodman (Australia) wrote at 12:19pm: Yep, count me in for ISR '09 too. It was an epic three days and I think everybody enjoyed them and
learned a whole lot of simple, functional and effective ways of controlling someone who is violent. Thanks again and I'll write a review in a few weeks on the
uni break if you want. Cheers Ron.

Melbourne Course Review Aug 2009
The ISR Matrix course is the only defensive tactics course I have attended where I feel that I have actually earned my certificate. Performing the techniques
under stressful situations and high intensity proves that the techniques will work in real life situations. The same cannot be said for other systems targeted
towards security and law enforcement where everybody receives certification regardless of demonstrated ability and competency.
The instruction was second to none and each technique was practiced repeatedly with the aim being “to practice until you cannot get it wrong”. This
obviously worked as by the end of the second day there were people less than half my size who were able to control and restrain me every time, and I
wasn't pulling my punches. This is the first such system I have seen where these levels of results had been achieved so quickly.
The techniques demonstrated were few, however I have always been of the opinion that you are better to know one technique which can be utilised against
one hundred attacks, than knowing one hundred techniques which can be used against one attack. The way the techniques flow into one another ensures
that there is always an option available, just in case something doesn't go to plan. It is also one of the few systems where the effectiveness of techniques is
not dictated by athletic ability or physical strength, making it a suitable system of people of all body types.
I've started incorporating the techniques into the defensive techniques package which I teach my security, crowd control, and bodyguard students. The
differences in their level of performance has been amazing compared to the previous package which we were using. Additionally I have been incorporating
some of the techniques into the women's self defence classes which I teach, with women weighing less than 50kgs being able to easily control and restrain
myself, weighing in at 115kgs. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone within the security and law enforcement community, as well as anyone
who wants to learn a simple and effective means of defending themselves.
I will definitely be attending any future seminars.
Steven Morrissey
Senior Educator – Security Asset Protection
Applied Technology Centre

Review of Melbourne Course August 2009
I was fortunate enough to recently attended an ISR Matrix course held here in Melbourne. The three day course was easy to learn and full of practical real
world combative applications for those who work in Law Enforcement or security roles. The moves I learned are some of the most effective I have seen to
defend yourself and gain the upper hand in a combative situation without having to resort to potentially lethal striking.

The moves we learned are all usable in a use of force continuum and actually work unlike many moves I have seen people attempt to utilize. The skills you
learn are all mixed together in high stress drills against a resisting subject to lock these practical techniques into your head.
Thanks for coming down and presenting such an excellent system. I can’t wait for the next course!

Robert Winter
Crowd Controller and Combatives Instructor

ISR review by Joe Saunders at 3:53pm on October 6th, 2008
Absolutely excellent seminar. The training methodology was different from any other seminar I've been a part of, and really made the most of the 3 (or 5)
day period. The transformation in some people from day one to day three (or five) was tremendous, with everyone being more than capable of single
handedly taking control of an opponent permitted to do whatever it takes to not be controlled. This is more impressive when you consider that we had some
quite large people there, with several 6'4 an 120kg+ participants.

ISR Instructor Tim made a point on the very first day that ISR will never claim to have invented anything, and that, in his opinion, anyone who claims to
invent a human movement is stupid. This humble and open-minded attitude continued throughout the course as our illustrious panel of experts played with
concepts and gave their own input. We didn't cover many techniques, but everything we did cover worked and was drilled to the point that we could all do
every technique with our eyes closed, even with some of those monsters swinging punches at our heads. Even with the limited number of techniques, there
were no gaps that could not be catered for and everyone left the seminar confident in their new skills.

Also to ISR's credit, not everyone passed. The standard was kept high, and some very capable and otherwise qualified people left without a certificate. No
one, however, left without a new tool to add to their toolbox. Huge thank you to Tim for being an excellent coach, a friendly guy to talk to, and showing me a
new move I hope I can use in a few weeks at a BJJ competition. Also huge thank you to Dave for organising one of the most professional and tightly run
seminars I've been a part of.

Joe Saunders
Security Officer & Grappling Competitor

ISR Review, Melbourne & Brisbane Aug 2009
Hey guys, huge thank you to Dave for coordinating what was a highly successful national tour of ISR Matrix courses, and a big thank you to everyone who
attended any of the courses nationwide. Unfortunately I couldn't be at the Sydney or WA course, but I did get a chance to attend the Victorian government
and civilian courses, and just this last weekend completed my fourth seminar by attending the Brisbane course.
As always, there was a fantastic group of guys with a broad range of experience including civilians, security officers, police officers, soldiers, martial arts
instructors and competitive athletes. Everyone got something out of the course, even if it was only an appreciation for hard training. I've spent a bit of
money on ISR now, and I don't plan to stop any time soon. The experience and the gut check is worth every cent.
Technically, the system is the most suitable for law enforcement I've seen anywhere, but it's more than that. The pressure drills really force you to practise
what you preach and to keep pushing through fatigue. Congrats to all those who attended, and well done to all those who passed.
Joe Saunders
Security Officer & Grappling Competitor

Melbourne 2010
Will be back for sure to do another session.  It was well worth the time & money and hands down beats any other security orientated defensive tactics I
have learnt so far. Thanks!
Jonathan, Security Operations Manager

From the average person to the most elite trained officers I would highly recommend this system to everyone as it is something so instinctive yet functional
and will allow them much greater odds to successfully handle and ultimately walk away from dangerous situations as they arise.
Throughout the training we attempted to pick apart different techniques in a range of what-if scenarios...all of which a suitable response was demonstrated
to us from within the core techniques we could not find fault with the system and its ease in transition.
The other great advantage of this system is in performing the techniques you are keeping well within the use of force continuum.... in every situation we are
always under scrutiny in regards to our actions. I would feel extremely confident in justifying my every action using the ISR System.
Chris, Security Officer

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