Law Enforcement / Police Defensive Tactics
•        Morally and Legally Defensible
•        Tactically Sound
•        Highly Functional
•        Time Tried & Tested since 1996
•        Approved for use in numerous Law Enforcement and Corrections agencies worldwide

The ISR Matrix Law Enforcement (LE) is designed for the patrol officer as a complete defensive tactics system
(hand to hand as well as less than lethal and lethal tools) that can easily be readily integrated with existing S.O.P.
and use of force continuums as required. From officer presence, on through to the use of deadly force, the ISR
Matrix grants officers the adaptability to escalate and de-escalate in direct proportion to subject’s resistance
levels and overcome resistance within their legal frame of reference as peace officer.

Initial ISR Matrix LE courses address core subject control. Typically an initial LE course is conducted as a 5 day
end user courses comprising 60% Subject Control and 40% LE specific material.
•        Comprising the full 3 day subject control program and two days of integrated Law Enforcement Weapons
Retention, Counter Weapons, Vehicle Extraction, Team Control and Take Down Tactics, Cell Extraction
and Arrest Team applications, introduction to force options transitions and more.
•        Suitable as an initial Defensive Tactics program for ALL Police and Corrections Officers.
•        Specialist upgrades for Tactical Units, Undercover Officers, Water Police, Riot Squads and other specialist
units also available.
•        These courses are generally hosted by Government Agencies only and are NOT available for public or open

Subsequent LE training is typically taught within our 3 fundamental courses that build upon one another and are
broken down into initial, intermediate and advanced levels. Subject Control Tactics 1-3, Ground Tactics 1-3 and
Weapon Control tactics 1-3. Further training within the ISR-LE branch is in the form of modular seminars and courses
that are typically referenced and briefly shown throughout all training sessions and often cross over in to the ISR-AF
branch due to the work with Special Response Teams/SWAT/Police Tactical Groups.

To host an ISR- LE course or seminar in your area or to book training with the ISR-LE please contact us at

ISR Matrix LE
ISR LE Vertical Core Defensive Tactics while Standing. This course starts with interviewing platforms to solidify officer
safety, closing the reactionary gap, gaining positional dominance, establishing escort positions,  take downs, working
towards arrest and control. This course ovelaps slightly with Horizontal Core material.

ISRLE Horizontal Core This course begins where the Vertical Core ended. The attendees will focus on gaining and
maintaining positional control from the top, being mindful to detach if needed or maintain control. This course will give
the attendees multiple options for reversing/escaping to a secure platform of operation if they find themselves under
an assailant. There are also components of arrest and control within the course as well.

ISRLE Weapons Core Retention, Deployment and Close Quarter Fighting. There is overlapping concepts and strategies
from the Vertical and Horizontal Core throughout this course. Weapons retention (holstered), protection (unholstered),
and disarms from multiple Vertical and Horizontal positions which are pressure checked by drilling and group problem
solving. This is a dynamic and robust course full of strategy and content.

ISR Matrix LE Instructor Development Program (restricted enrolment)
Based on agency specific training needs analysis: Revision, review, recertification of all pertinent ISR
Matrix Subject Control & LE skills, key points, common faults and training methodology, ISR Matrix
conceptual structure, history and origins.
•        ISR Matrix tactical problem solving (TNA specific). Complex environments. Vehicle extractions, paddy
wagon extractions, cell extractions, confined spaces, team tactics, vehicle combatives and more.       
Introduction to ISR Matrix Clinch with Cloth, Attached Striking, Water combatives, long gun considerations.
•        Detailed sessions regarding training methodology, instructional and safety considerations.
•        Coaching assessments and feedback. Practical and written examinations. Verbal Q&A assessments.
•        Detailed workplace instructor manual, end user manual, lesson outlines, assessment tools etc available.
•        Instructor’s summit - professional networking and discussions with experienced instructors from
numerous agencies utilising the ISR Matrix, trouble shooting OHS, legal and related issues should they
arise. Status of ISR Matrix techniques and methodology within various agencies around the world. USA
POST accreditation and accreditation with various Australian agencies.
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