ISR Matrix Physical Management

Subject Control and Vertical Core
Physical Management & Subject Control for Civilian Security Professionals and Physically at Risk Civilian Professions and Institutions
(Hospitals, Schools, Churches, Paramedics, Traveling Sales Personnel, etc) dealing with individual and group threats from business
clients and patients to unknown subjects active assailants.

The ISR Matrix Physical Management (PM) is centered in Subject Control. It is designed for executive protection specialists, armed an
unarmed security personnel, paramedics, elderly and health care workers, hospital orderlies, doormen and professions that are at risk of
physical harm to themselves or others around them at their work space.

From individual to team tactics, the ISRPM is designed to directly address the specific needs of the individual and their specific
profession.The ISR Matrix Physical Management (PM) branch is centered in Subject Control. It is designed for licensed civilian and
employed security personnel working in environments that require hands on subject control, restraint, and transportation such as
executive protection, From individual to team tactics, the system is designed to directly address the specific needs of the security guard,
team, institution or business requiring the training.

The ISR Matrix Physical Management Subject Control Core 40 hours is the foundation and core of the entire ISR Matrix system and
mandatory for any progression into the ISR Matrix’s further study and training. Those wishing to train in any other aspect of the ISR from
its specific modular programs and components to exploring entire branches of its civilian, law enforcement or military branches must
comply with this initial line of training and successfully pass its required marks in performance and conceptual/ strategic understanding.

Personal Protection & Self Defence
The ISR Matrix Physical Management (PM) also offers civilians two complete stand-alone strategic and tactical systems to offer personal
protection and self-defence when verbal management of a situation has broken down and an assault is imminent. Available to everyone in
good standing, these two programs are naturally extensions of our Subject Control emphasis but are by their very nature built entirely
around survival and  preservation when the ability to control a situation has broken down or the risk involved in attempting further
control are no longer optimal or valid.

Women’s C.A.T. (Counter Assault Tactics)
The ISR Matrix Cat is a Tactical Martial Art specifically design and tailored for women seeking real world self-defense and personal
protection for themselves and those they wish to protect from harm. It covers and to hand tactics as well as the proper use of less than
lethal as well as improvised and lethal weapons from tactical, legal, and psychological perspectives.

Originally designed as part of escape and evade tactics for smaller framed officers and undercover female operatives working overseas
and at high risk, the ISRCAT has been transformed to effectively deal with the day to day activities, threats and risks that women may be
placing themselves in close proximity to. It builds awareness, stresses prevention and avoidance, educates individuals to the criminal
mindset, victim selection and de-selection strategies and empowers women in a manner that develops true tested and measured strength
and not paranoia or a false sense of protection.

CLUTCH Fighting /CQB
The ISR Matrix Clutch is the world’s first and foremost Tactical Martial Art* and addresses everything from standing or grounded hand to
hand defense to the proper deployment and retention of less than lethal tools to lethal weapons and the transitioning between them
under duress.

Designed to cover everything from individualized personal protection to defending loved ones, property and homestead through proper
planning and teamwork, the system generally takes a few years to master but is available in incrementally progressive modular parts that
individuals can customize to fit their schedules, needs, and concerns.

The origins of the Clutch are rooted in the training methods and tactics that served as our company’s CQB (close quarter combative
tactics) for most of our special teams and counter-terrorist work with the Armed Forces, Special Task Forces and Undercover Agents
working in some of the most hostile environments in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, North Africa, the Caribbean, and Central & South
*Tactical Martial Art: A complete modern approach to self-defense and personal protection rooted in CQB (Close-Quarter Battle) and modified as needed to serve the needs of civilians and
professionals alike when dealing with threats, aggression and violence. Unlike the traditional, mixed, and reality based martial arts, it integrates aspects of them all into something entirely different
and much more comprehensive and combative in scope.

For further information or questions concerning the ISR Matrix Subject Control, C.A.T. or Clutch Fighting/ CQB systems, please contact us
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