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ISR Matrix comprises three streams - Physical Management, Law Enforcement and Armed Forces.
ISR Matrix Australia can deliver PM and LE training and the core foundation of the AF package and
specialist modules. For advanced Special Operations modules, ISR Matrix Australia instructional
staff will be supplemented with highly experienced specialist instructor trainers from the USA.

The ISR Matrix International CEO and Founding President
Luis is a lifetime martial artist and coach who has worked alongside police officers, special extraction teams, task forces, and individual personnel from
numerous state and federal agencies since 1996. He has worked with LEO, Special Response Teams, Executive Protection Professionals, Cell Extractions
Team Members and Riot Control Squads on apprehension, control and transportation tactics and has trained extensively with professionals working
covertly as part of joint missions and special task force operations on CQB in regards to escape and evasion tactics. He has been sought after, contracted,
and worked as an Instructor Trainer throughout the world in the Americas, Europe and Asia and has been the lead contact person for the company since its
inception. Luis created and developed the ISR CQB Matrix (ISR Matrix Clutch) in 2004 and was subsequently contracted by the US Department of Defense
(DOD) to train their Anti-Terrorist Specialty Team members from 2005-2009. Having consistently earned outstanding reviews and marks by the DOD for his
courses and efforts to enhance their skill sets during those years, he has recently been contacted by them to develop manuals, and Train the Trainer
courses in order to best catalog and systemize the uniform curriculums and training methodology for their own continued use in the years to come. Luis
currently serves the company in an administrative role as its lead spokesperson and CEO with its Board of Directors and marketing team. He runs ISR
Matrix International’s On-Line Learning and Training Academy and negotiates and coordinates the company’s contract, franchising, and commercial
requests and concerns.

Over 40 years martial arts and MMA coaching for over 20 years
Brazilian JiuJitsu third degree black belt, training since 1992
2006 North American Grappling Association Coach of the Year
Former Vice President Straight Blast Gym International and SBG East Coast Regional HQ Director
1995-2012 One Dragon Martial Arts MMA/BJJ Owner/Head Coach
Director and Senior Coach Big Cypress Martial Arts Seminole Tribe of Florida.
6 years training in Freestyle and Greco Roman Wrestling.
Creator of So Flo Jiu-Jitsu, its approach and teaching/ coaching methodology.
Creator of the internationally known PAW Method (Play as the Way) for coaching children
Produced the PAW Method DVD Set, SoFlo BJJ DVD's, ISR Matrix LE Set and the ISR Matrix PM Set.
Certified Instructor in Jeet Kune Do Concepts with PFS (Paul Vunak) & SBGi.
Trained in a wide range of martial arts and combat sports including Judo, Wha Lum, Wing Chun, Kenpo, Tai Chi, Bagua, Goju Ryu,
Shotokan, Tae Kwon Do/ Hapkido and San Do Kai Aiki-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Western Boxing and  Filipino Martial Arts.
Taught control and restraint to security since 1990.

For over 20 years Luis has combined his extensive knowledge of functional combat sports and his world class coaching practices with the operational
experience and feedback of the ISR Matrix LE & AF Instructor Trainers and other Military and Law Enforcement professionals. Under Luis’s guidance, this
fusion of expertise has created an incredibly functional system that has been recognized as such by specialist units worldwide. Luis is honoured that some
of  the most experienced Police and Military specialist teams in the country repeatedly utilize his training services.  Luis’s proudest achievement in the
history of the ISR Matrix is producing the quality of instructors that have completed the Instructor Development Program and who now represent the ISR
Matrix organization globally.

Ray PriceISR Matrix International President & LE Director
Ray has been with ISR Matrix since the very first public course and is an ISR Matrix Instructor Trainer for both its Law Enforcement and Physical
Management Systems and the creator of its Firearm Core. Ray has worked over 20 years in Law Enforcement and currently holds an upper administrative
position in his department. His service to the ISR Matrix has been invaluable in bringing its ISRLE (Law Enforcement) system onto the international level
through his work in Europe and Asia while likewise implementing it throughout the United States and simultaneously as a departmentally approved
Defensive Tactics system for 5 Law Enforcement agencies in his own area.

Ray has been a major influence in the company’s military, LE and civilian systems and their development through his involvement from their initial phases
on through today. Ray has developed the ISRLE Vertical Core to its most complete format to date and has greatly innovated its Horizontal Core (ground
engagement) system as well as streamlined and optimized its Firearm Core (weapons system).  He is an active Brazilian Jiujitsu Black Belt with a lifetime
of martial arts experience including competition and coaching professionally.

James Walker ISR Matrix International Vice President
James has trained with ISR Matrix since 2003 and is an Instructor Trainer for both its Law Enforcement and Physical Management Systems and played a
pivotal role in the development of the ISRAF (Armed Forces) CQB system (CLUTCH) from its inception. James has likewise been on the forefront of the
companies further growth into military, para-military and SWAT related training stateside and overseas and is part of its Executive Protection Team and

James served with the US Military for three decades including service as an MP (13 years), Federal Agent (8 years), ERT/SWAT (9 years) and as a member of
the AFOSI-AST Counter-Terrorism Team. James served in Operation Desert Storm and 4 combat tours of Operation Iraqi Freedom with the Anti-Terrorism
Specialty Team. He worked on numerous protective security details for high ranking officials visiting the area of operations and also completed a 15 month
tour of Iraq conducting insider threat assessments.  

Within the military, James was a defensive tactics/firearms instructor and protective service specialist and completed an extensive array of courses related
to firearms and defensive tactics. During his last years of service, James’s unit trained extensively in integrated complex scenarios integrating extreme
close quarter simmunition  training with ISR Matrix Armed Forces Combatives. A lifelong martial artist with over 35 years experience and a successful MMA
coach, James is currently a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt with black belts in numerous traditional styles.

Peter Caroddo  ISR Matrix International Senior ISRAF (Armed Forces & Special Teams) Consultant and Administrative Co-
Director of its Executive Protection Team and Trainers (ISREP)
Peter “Pappy” Caroddo has been part of the ISR Matrix since 2004 as the company’s most experienced senior consultant and advisor and has offered his
experience in the form of lectures and lessons at summits and at local colleges. Pappy helped co-create and develop the ISR Matrix CQB system (CLUTCH)
and its variations from its civilian approach on through law enforcement and onto its military special teams and units through his own observations and
tested experiences. He served 33 years (Ret), Sergeant (Team Leader) with Miami Metro-Dade Police Department (5000 room entries) as its SRT/SWAT
Training Coordinator. A Khe Sanh siege survivor, Pappy has had countless deployments throughout the world with the United States Marine Corps (Ret.)
Recon Company of 1st BN 9th Marines, Scout Sniper with the 24th Marine Amphibious Unit (MAV) and Para Marine with 4th ANGLICO Marines.  Pappy is a
NRA recognized Chief Range Safety Officer with two Police Ranges named after him and remains a call away for the ISR Senior Trainers and Board of
Director to assist sorting out any and all of their needs to the best of his capability. He is currently busy completing manuals and training protocols for the
company’s several systems.
Special Departmental Recognition-
Over five thousand room entries as point man.
Awards: 6 Purple Hearts. 3 Gold
Medal of Valor and 1 Silver Medal of Valor. Officer of the year 2001 and Departmental Unit Commendation
Has lead the successful outcomes of
multiple hijackings including:           
                                                                               7 commercial airline and a passenger seaplane
                                                                              2 cargo trains and 4 passenger trains,
                                                                              2 school bus & 1 passenger bus
                                                                              A cargo ship
Martial Arts - Pappy holds a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu, several black belts within traditional martial arts, has won countless medals, belts, trophies and
achievements in sport grappling and likewise in kickboxing.  He held (and may still hold) the record for the most matches for NAGA nationwide at his age.
He currently coaches both children and adults, both amateur and professional, in sport grappling, kick boxing and MMA.

Exceptionally experienced and well respected in the Police special operations community and affiliated with ISR Matrix since 2003, Pappy is well qualified
to assist and guide the ISR Matrix Board of Directors on specialist applications.

Mike Sian  ISR Matrix International Senior ISRAF Team Member, Consultant & Co-Director Executive Protection Team & Trainers
Mike has been a part of the ISR Matrix since 2004 and is an Instructor Trainer in its Armed Forces and Physical Management Systems. Mike is a military
officer who served as an Army Ranger and Director of Operations within the Air Force Anti-Terrorism Specialty Team including 4 Tours in Iraq and 3 tours in
Afghanistan. He was three times Detachment Commander, twice Operations Officer, Counter Intelligence Platoon Leader, Air Component Commander -
Expeditionary, and security advisor.

A counter terrorism and professional security specialist, Mike remains a senior consultant with the ISRAF systems (CQB, SRT, SWAT) including its
Executive Protection team and trainers as well as an active LE and PM course instructor. Mike is also a history professor with a lifetime of martial art
experience including a Black Belt in Kyokushin Karate and brown belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu.

Jón Viðar Arnþórsson ISR Matrix International Regional Director / Europe
Jón has been with the ISR Matrix since 2005 and has since then lead the way for the company’s commercial plans and market with the company’s flagship
commercial franchise facility in Iceland. He is a retired Police Officer and ex-member of the Icelandic Counter Terrorism Team with a lifetime of martial arts
experience and action movie stunt work behind him.

Jón created and developed the world famous Mjölnir Training Facility (the largest MMA gym in the world) and renowned Mjölnir MMA Competition Team
while likewise promoting every system of the ISR Matrix throughout Iceland and Europe. He has trained Police, Corrections and Parliamentary Guards in
his own country, has introduced the ISRLE to Sweden and continues to grow the ISR Matrix throughout Scandinavia. A premier world class coach, highly
disciplined trainer, ex-Police Officer and talented martial artist who leads by example, Jón represents the full spectrum of martial integration that the ISR
Matrix continues to forefront in tactical innovations and proven training methods alike and most importantly, has helped prove its value and popularity
among civilians through its ISRCAT and Clutch systems with his own home grown, highly trained and motivated students.

Bill Killinger ISR Matrix International Regional Director / Canada
Bill joined the ISR Matrix in 2010. He is a competitor, coach and athlete with an outstanding reputation in each role as a martial artist who commitment,
discipline and genuine passion for learning has made him a significant asset to the company as an Instructor Trainer and representative. He is a Physical
Management Instructor Trainer, A Clutch Instructor for civilian self-defense and personal protection, and a fixture at yearly summits and training events

Bill began teaching non-abusive restraint and transportation techniques to youth workers in 2004, and also worked with at-risk youth for over a decade.
Additionally, he has taught crisis intervention since that time with both respect for the changes that have occurred in the field over the years and the
increasing liabilities that have accompanied those changes. He is fully aware of the difficulties that come with adult caregivers placed in positions of
guardianship over youths struggling with disabilities, addictions, and disorders. Bill has a keen insight into those challenges and remains closely aligned
with the issues that often arise in use-of-force situations that do not give themselves over to easy answers. Bill’s full-time employment field affords him a
keen insight into risk management as it pertains to training and competing in the martial arts. He is source of best practices to all those around him on
how to train students coping with injuries or infirmities, whether sports related or not, and understands adaptive needs for people who still want to be

Victor Orozco ISR Matrix International Regional Director / Latin America
Victor is an ISR Matrix Physical Management Instructor who has been with the ISR Matrix since 2017. Victor is a lifelong martial artist and coach who has
worked alongside South American Police and Para-Military Units with arrests and firearms related training since 2004. A competitive shooter, second
\Degree Brazilian Black Belt, active IBJJF Referee, Marra Senki Jiu Jitsu representative, experienced Thai Boxer and Coach, he likewise brings the
experience and leadership skills of a successful and competitive MMA/BJJ gym owner since 2003.

Victor is responsible for addressing the ever growing demands from Latin America for the ISR Matrix and thus developing the Spanish Language translated
versions of the ISR Matrix’s curriculum and training methods for Spanish Speakers.

Wang Sam Yanlin ISR Matrix International Regional Director/China
Sam has been with the ISR Matrix since 2014 orginally serving as the company translator and currently as one of our current contracts and agreements.
Sam has been a key component in our negotiations as well as a solid assistant as an Instructor. He is a Physical Management Instructor Trainer who has
consistently assisted on ISRLE, SWAT and ISREP courses, lectures, and meetings throughout China with the company’s Senior Instructor Trainers,
Regional Directors and its CEO and President alike. He has assisted with Shanghai and Beijing SWAT courses, Hangdao SWAT, Hangzhou Police and
Qingdao Police courses.

Sam is a lifetime martial artist through both traditional and modern arts with both coaching and management experience having run his own facility for 6
years. Sam has Brought the ISRPM to Bank Security Personnel in the Agricultural Bank of China, China CITIC Bank, Minsheng Bank of China as well as to
the 5.11 Marketing Team of China which sponsors the ISR Matrix China team of Instructors. Sam is responsible for translating the ISR Matrix curriculums
and training methods into Mandarin Chinese and for the company’s website, social media and marketing in mainland China.

Derek Siera ISR Matrix International Physical Management Instructor Trainer
Derek has been with the ISR matrix since 2004. Derek is a Physical Management Instructor Trainer and LE Instructor and has been a big influence with the
company’s civilian Clutch system and its hand to hand striking and defensive components with his many years as a martial sports competitor and coach.
Derek has accumulated an extensive amateur and pro boxing record as well as numerous wins in sport grappling and mma events.

Currently a Physical Training Division Instructor at FLETC (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center), he served ten years prior to that as the Training
Instructor for the Federal Air Marshal Service and also as a Customs and Borders Protection and Intelligence Specialist. A military veteran, Derek served as
an Intelligence Analyst and Operator and provided strategic intelligence to the National Security Agency (NSA) and U.S. Army Intelligence and Security
Command. ( INSCOM). He is a lifetime martial artist and competitive martial athlete with stellar achievements in striking, grappling and mixed martial arts.

Gunnar Scheving Thorsteinsson ISR Matrix International Physical Management Instructor
Gunnar has been with the ISR Matrix since 2015 and has assisted with the development of both the LE and civilian ISR Matrix systems in Iceland. He is a
part owner and partner of ISR Matrix Iceland and as such works hand in hand with the ISR Matrix Headquarters as businessman as well as a certified
ISRLE representative. He is veteran Police Officer with 15 years experience as an Inspector, Tactical/ Riot Operator, DT and Firearms Instructor.

Scott Santos ISR Matrix International Physical Management Instructor Trainer
Scott has been with the ISR Matrix since 2014 and has since become a solid asset to our Law Enforcement (ISRLE) and Military systems (ISRAF).
Scott is a Task Force Officer for the US Marshals Violent Fugitive Task Force. He has been a Field Deputy, SWAT Assistant Team Leader, SWAT Team
Member, Jail Deputy, and SERT Team member. A military veteran and squad leader having served in Iraq where he was responsible for security patrols,
convoy operations and member of the Immediate Action Force and High Value Treat transfers. A soon to be Clinical Psychologist and Counselor,
Scott has placed much time into the study and treatment of PTSD and brings his own experiences and expertise into assisting others making the shift and
adjustments back into civilian life after deployment or Law Enforcement work related psychological trauma.`