Selection of Armed Forces Testimonials
* unit testimonials withheld

Melbourne 2010
By way of background, over the last 15 years I have been in both the British Army, in a Specialist
Reconnaissance Role, and in the ADF as an Infantry Platoon Commander. I have organised and written
training programs for multinationals in team building, resilience to change and hostile environment
preparation, as well as working within the Private Security sector. I am a qualified Personal Trainer,
Outdoor education teacher and sit on Vocational training boards at Federal level in Australia.

That being said, I am not coming from a position of ignorance when I state that I would wholeheartedly rate David's ability as a trainer and motivator.
I recently attended an exceptional three day ISR Matrix subject control course where David was the lead instructor. His presentation of the subject
was so sophisticated that an otherwise complex skillset was made simple to master.  His solid belief in repetition and development of the
participant's skill set over the program was evident and students rapidly attained proficiency.

Under David's coaching I quickly attained functional skills that were subsequently added my operational skill set. I continue to utilise Davids methods
in my ongoing training and in the preparation of other frontline professionals that I am tasked with training.

I would bring David in to instruct in Defensive Tactics at any given opportunity. I will also continue to refer Security, Police and Military professionals,
as well as the lay person, to the ISR Matrix and Davids inspirational instruction.

Yours Sincerely
Name withheld

Perth 2010
I have been in the Australian Defence Force for 6 years. I have served as a Platoon Commander on operational deployment overseas, and
currently work as an Urban Operations, Close Quarter Battle shooting and Military Self Defence instructor.

I first met David in Perth in early 2009 when he was the lead instructor on an ISR Matrix Hostile Subject Control course that I attended.  I remained in
contact with David and attended a further course in 2010. David immediately impressed me with his professionalism and coaching style. As an
instructor, I know that it can be extremely difficult to monitor, fault correct and manage the learning of a large group of people, taking into
consideration different learning styles, varying experience levels and confidence of the students.  However, David handles these difficulties with
ease, seamlessly managing to direct his instruction in a way that caters to the needs of each member within the class. His experience, knowledge
and genuine passion immediately inspired my respect and complete attention and I highly recommend his courses to my friends and colleagues,
both within the Defence Force and those working with other agencies.

The courses I attended under David had students from wide range of occupations (ranging from current or ex-serving Police and military to security
contractors and civilians) and vastly varied experience levels in the fighting arts (from no formal training through to instructor trainer level in their
respective fields). Despite such diversity in technical experience, David had no difficulty in adapting and overcoming this issue. I observed him on
multiple occasions tailor his instruction of course material to suit the relevant student experience levels and address specific role-related task issues
or questions.

Furthermore, I also observed David on numerous occasions managing 3 or more separate groups concurrently, each looking at different
techniques applicable to their members experience level and role. His ability to apply and communicate his technical knowledge and achieve
outstanding results, whilst managing such a diverse range of student groups, is a very rare quality observed in instructors nowadays and is most
certainly a credit to his capacity as an instructor.

David is also someone who has the unique ability to communicate with influence. Working in a military environment, I am often confronted with fellow
instructors that lack the ability to influence by communication, and instead need to resort to a raft of other less effective, often demeaning or
patronising, methods of communication, especially in the teaching of defensive tactics and unarmed combat. David however is calm and in control,
puts all those he teaches at ease with his professional and polite approach and is never patronising or overbearing. I have contacted David on
numerous occasions outside of the scheduled ISR courses to ask for his opinion and guidance and he has never allowed a question to go
unanswered and always has time for people, which is a sign of a passionate instructor that cares about his craft and his students development.

In conclusion I believe David to be an instructor of the highest calibre, and an outstanding individual. His integrity and professionalism are
unquestionable, and his ability to communicate at all levels enables him to instruct students at all levels of technical expertise and experience with
absolute ease. His technical knowledge, instructional skill and finesse and passion are second to none and make him one of the finest men I have
had the pleasure of being taught by and working with. I am very proud to call David both my instructor and my friend and have no reservations
whatsoever in recommending him to you.

Name withheld

Brisbane 2010
The 3 days of the ISR Matrix course I just attended was exhausting but was the best course I have been on throughout my military and corrections
career. It was intensive dynamic and equipped me with extremely functional skills that can be applied across a range of industries. Great instruction
and a great group of professionals who attended.
Peter, Correctional Officer, ex Army
Well we finished the LE component of the ISR Matrix training today. I am sore and bruised everywhere yet I can't wipe the smile off my face. It has
been a great week all round by all reports. Great job Dave and can't wait for next year.
Peter, Correctional Officer, ex Army

Melbourne 2010
Great course... If you want to learn some very useable skills, and test them tactically straight away with great feedback... this is the course to do!!!
Thanks, see you when next in Melbourne!!!
John, Australian Army Officer, ex British Army LRRP

Brisbane Aug 2009
I recently attended a 3 day ISR Matrix Physical Management Foundation Skills course. By way of background, I have been involved in the military,
the security industry and law enforcement field for over 10 years. Through out this time I have always trained in Martial arts and defensive tactics
and continually searched for a realistic/effective system with no success. Then I found ISR.

This course was just brilliant. I have trained in wrestling and MMA for a long time (where a lot of the ISR techniques come from) but this is far more
than a bunch of techniques. The ISR Matrix team have seriously done some quality research and development to establish 9 core techniques that
flow systematically together. ISR Matrix allows you to keep complete control of the bad guy whilst always keeping in mind situational awareness,
weapon retention and transition, team tactics and the ability to escalate or de-escalte your use of force at anytime. Sure that sound sounds great
but we drilled these 9 core moves over and over again to the point of having to apply them on a fully resisting opponents wearing boxing gloves
who were trying to knock us out! ISR just works.

Unfortunately, as a police officer, I am not comfortable walking into dangerous situations with every partner I work with. However, I would gladly go
up against any angry man with any Officer who has done an ISR course, safe in the knowledge that they have already had to make their training
work for real! This system is a must for anyone serious about doing their job properly or wanting to defend themselves.
(Name withheld)
Police Officer
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