About ISR Matrix
For the ISR Matrix International website see www.isrmatrix.com
ISR Matrix comprises three streams - Physical Management, Law Enforcement and Armed Forces.
ISR Matrix Australia can deliver PM and LE training and the core foundation of the AF package and
specialist modules. For advanced Special Operations modules, ISR Matrix Australia instructional
staff will be supplemented with highly experienced specialist instructor trainers from the USA.

The ISR Matrix International CEO and Founding President
Luis Gutierrez has worked alongside teams and personnel from numerous state and federal agencies (DEA, FBI, USSS, ATF) since 1999. He has worked with
Specialty Response Teams, Cell Extractions teams, Riot Control Squads, and trained Under Cover Agents/ Operators working as part of joint missions and
operations. He has been contracted as a trainer and consultant to work with Military and Para-Military Counter Terrorism Teams working in policing missions
from several countries. Luis created the ISR CQC & CQB Matrix  in 2004 and was subsequently contracted by the US Department of Defence to train their Anti-
Terrorist Specialty Team from 2005-2009. Course after course, Luis received the highest possible reviews.

Over 40 years martial arts and MMA coaching for over 20 years
Brazilian JiuJitsu third degree black belt, training since 1992
2006 North American Grappling Association Coach of the Year
Former Vice President Straight Blast Gym International and SBG East Coast Regional HQ Director
1995-2012 One Dragon Martial Arts MMA/BJJ Owner/Head Coach
Director and Senior Coach Big Cypress Martial Arts Seminole Tribe of Florida.
6 years training in Freestyle and Greco Roman Wrestling.
Creator of So Flo Jiu-Jitsu, its approach and teaching/ coaching methodology.
Creator of the internationally known PAW Method (Play as the Way) for coaching children
Produced the PAW Method DVD Set, SoFlo BJJ DVD's, ISR Matrix LE Set and the ISR Matrix PM Set.
Certified Instructor in Jeet Kune Do Concepts with PFS (Paul Vunak) & SBGi.
Trained in a wide range of martial arts and combat sports including Judo, Wha Lum, Wing Chun, Kenpo, Tai Chi, Bagua, Goju Ryu, Shotokan, Tae Kwon Do/
Hapkido and San Do Kai Aiki-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Western Boxing and  Filipino Martial Arts.
Taught control and restraint to security since 1990.

For over 20 years Luis has combined his extensive knowledge of functional combat sports and his world class coaching practices with the operational
experience and feedback of the ISR Matrix LE & AF Instructor Trainers and other Military and Law Enforcement professionals. Under Luis’s guidance, this
fusion of expertise has created an incredibly functional system that has been recognized as such by specialist units worldwide. Luis is honoured that some
of  the most experienced Police and Military specialist teams in the country repeatedly utilize his training services.  Luis’s proudest achievement in the
history of the ISR Matrix is producing the quality of instructors that have completed the Instructor Development Program and who now represent the ISR
Matrix organization globally.

ISR Matrix President and LE Director
Ray has been with ISR Matrix since the very first course in the 1990's and is an ISR Matrix Instructor Trainer for Law Enforcement
and Physical Management. Ray has worked over 20 years in corrections, patrol, Detention Response Teams tasked with cell
extractions, high risk transports, shakedowns of prison units, court transports, and riot control and several years in his
Departments training division.

Ray has successfully completed many dozens of Defensive Tactics, Firearms and Operational Safety Instructor programs with a wide variety of providers
throughout his career.  Ray has been involved in numerous ISR Matrix AF - Clinch with Cloth and Ground Program and  has have been teaching the ISR for over
ten years to various individuals and departments on the west coast of the USA and through his gym.

Ray has been the head coach and co-owner of a Straight Blast Gym Affiliated MMA Gym for over a decade. A  BJJ Black Belt,  Ray first started training in
martial arts at the age of 7 and has trained in every martial arts style that he could find.  Ray won a Grappling Gold Medal in the Western Police/Fire Games.

As Lead Defensive Tactics instructor/trainer for his Department, Ray taught Defensive Tactics at his agency before implementing ISR Matrix as the
departmentally approved Defensive Tactics system. Ray teaches ISR at end user level to 420 officers on a continuing basis (including the documentation of
successful usage in the field via Use of Force Reports). Ray also implemented ISR Matrix as a departmentally approved Defensive Tactics system for 5 Law
Enforcement agencies in his area. Ray has been instrumental in having ISR Matrix techniques accredited for Nevada POST (Police Officer Standards and

ISR Matrix Vice President
J, our Vice President and former AF Director has trained with ISR Matrix since 2003 and served with the US Military for three
decades, including service as an MP (13 years), Federal Agent (8 years), ERT/SWAT (9 years) and in Anti Terrorism. J served  
in Operation Desert Storm and 4 combat tours of Operation Iraqi Freedom with the Anti-Terrorism Specialty Team. J worked on
numerous protective security details for high ranking officials visiting the area of operations and also completed a 15 month
tour of Iraq as a civilian contractor conducting insider threat assessments.

Within the military, J was a defensive tactics/firearms instructor and protective service specialist and completed an extensive
array of courses related to firearms and defensive tactics. During his last years of service, J’s unit trained extensively in integrated
complex scenarios integrating extreme close quarter simmunition  training with ISR Matrix Armed Forces Combatives.

A lifelong martial artist with over 35 years experience and a successful MMA coach, J is currently a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, has blackbelts in the
traditional styles of Shinpuren Kempo and Japanese Butokukan and has studied extensively in Tae KwonDo, Aikido, JKD Concepts, Sambo and Muay Thai.

Supervising Consultant SRT/AF, co-creator of ISR Matrix Clutch System (CQB) and Senior Consultant and Co-Director
Executive Protection
Law Enforcement - S.W.A.T. - 33 years (Ret), Sergeant (Team Leader) with Miami Dade Police Department and SRT Training Coordinator
Numerous deployments with United States Marine Corps (Ret.) Recon Company of 1st BN 9th Marines, Scout Sniper with the 24th Marine
Amphibious Unit (MAV) and Para Marine with 4th ANGLICO Marines.

Special Departmental Recognition-
Over five thousand room entries as point man.
Awards: 6 Purple Hearts. 3 Gold
Medal of Valor and 1 Silver Medal of Valor. Officer of the year 2001 and Departmental Unit Commendation
Has lead the successful outcomes of
multiple hijackings including:           7 commercial airline and a passenger seaplane
                                                                                                                           2 cargo trains and 4 passenger trains,
                                                                                                                           2 school bus & 1 passenger bus
                                                                                                                           A cargo ship

Martial Arts - A competitive kickboxer with an extensive background in numerous traditional arts, P is currently a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and has
earned numerous medals and division belts in sport grappling tournaments. He held (and may still hold) the record for the most matches for NAGA nationwide
at his age. He currently coaches both children and adults, both amateur and professional, in sport grappling, kick boxing and MMA.

Exceptionally experienced and well respected in the Police special operations community and affiliated with ISR Matrix since 2003, P is well qualified to
assist and guide the ISR Matrix Board of Directors on specialist applications.

Armed Forces Director and Senior Consultant and Co-Director Executive Protection
Mike served as an Army Ranger and Director of Operations within the Anti-Terrorism Specialty Team including  4 Tours in Iraq and 3 tours in Afghanistan.
He was three times Detachment Commander, twice Operations Officer, Counter Intelligence Platoon Leader, Air Component Commander -Expeditionary,
and security advisor. Mike is also a karate and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu coach and an active competitor.

ISR Matrix in Australia
ISR Matrix has spread like wildfire in recent years across the USA and Canada. The system until recently had not been advertised anywhere, least of all
Australia, and relied exclusively on word of mouth advertising. It is considered by many to be the most FUNCTIONAL tactically, morally and legally sound
violent subject control system available in the world. IT JUST WORKS....

ISR Matrix International Instructor Trainers, assisted by the ISR Matrix Australian Regional Director, conducted a number of courses across Perth, Sydney,
Brisbane and Adelaide in 2008. Through 2008  to 2019, dozens of open and restricted courses have been conducted across Australia and Asia. Many
government agencies and several security companies have either hosted an ISR course or sent instructors to a course. .

These courses have set a new benchmark in defensive tactics within Australia, just as they have done in the USA. ISR Matrix is the only known Defensive
Tactics system that controls both defensive and
highly aggressive subjects in a manner that is functional yet safe and has low injury potential for both the
subject and officer. Skills are introduced, practised in isolation and then drilled safely in a series of evolutions against an  increasingly resisting opponent.
Students acquire very practical and functional skills in a short time frame.

(Some individuals may claim to be ISR Matrix Instructors and may hold a  "First Tier Instructor"  certificate from 2008-2009. That certificate is no longer
issued due to the misuse of the certificate. That certificate was  issued after only 3-5 days end-user training  for the express purpose of the certificate holder
acting as a liaison within their workplace to introduce potential trainees to structured training under a certified ISR Matrix instructor.  "First Tier Instructors"
are not  trained or certified to conduct ISR Matrix courses or seminars or authorised to make representations on behalf of ISR Matrix).

The ISR Matrix Australia/Asia Pacific Regional Director  serves on the ISR Matrix Board of Directors and is the Australian to
ever qualifyu as an instructor or be authorised to represent ISR Matrix in Australia
An ISR Matrix Instructor for over a decade,  he has over 25 years related operational experience in overseas missions, training positions, force protection
roles, emergency services and management roles as outlined below:
  • Australian Defence Force (Section Commander, NCOIC Training - 17 years)
  • Police (Diplomatic Protection, Public Order Squad and First Response, Operational Safety Trainer, Public Order Management Trainer, Intelligence,
    Operations Centre, Firearms Identification, Operational Safety Training and Tactics Unit project review - 7.5 years)
  • Custodial Corrections (Unit Officer/Manager, Emergency Response - 5 years)
  • Immigration Detention Centres (Compound Supervisor, Secure Escorts, Emergency Response, Training- 3 years)
  • Health Services (Occupational Violence Prevention and Aggressive Behaviour Management District Training Coordinator, Medical Services Project
    Coordinator,  Medical Emergency Services Officer and Emergency Response Team Leader)
  • Private Security (crowd control, armed security, close personal protection, security training provider, security consultant in Australia and overseas).

ISR Matrix Australia Regional Director Timeline:
  • Early 2007 - commenced initial training with ISR Matrix under an ISR Matrix First Tier Instructor in the USA.
  • Late 2008 -  hosted the first three ISR Matrix courses in Australia and commenced the ISR Matrix Instructor Development Program
  • Late 2009 - qualified as ISR Matrix Field Instructor in both Law Enforcement and Physical Management streams after extensive training and mentoring
    at ISR Matrix International HQ in USA
  • 2012 to present - contracted for periods of up to six months per individual contract to provide multiple intensive workplace instructor development
    courses, implement defensive tactics programs, develop training resources and assessment tools and consult and modify existing programs  for
    multiple Australian state and federal law enforcement agencies.
  • 2009-present - delivered ISR Matrix PM and LE end user courses in every state of Australia and multiple international courses to govt, corporate and
    private clients.
  • 2009 to present - co-presented at multiple annual ISR Matrix International Instructor Summits in Florida, Nevada and Iceland.
  • 2010 - delivered full 40 hour ISR Matrix LE course at Tactical Week Australia event in Brisbane. Presented ISR Matrix demonstrations at Australian
    Warrior Expo and exhibited at Land Warfare Conference.
  • 2011 -  Contracted to provide risk management training across Australia for a multi-national security firm.
  • 2011 - Contracted to provide armed security consultancy services in Africa.
  • 2012 - Co-authored the 150 page ISR Matrix Subject Control Course Facilitators manual
  • 2014 - Co-presented with the ISR Matrix Founder and President to deliver the first ISR Matrix course in Germany.
  • 2014 -  ISR Matrix International board certified as an ISR Matrix Subject Control Instructor Trainer.
  • 2015-2016 - Provided ISR Matrix Subject Control, Law Enforcement and Executive Protection training to Police, Corrections and security  in China.
  • 2012-2016 - Provided instructor development training and  corrections defensive tactics training to a Corrections Emergency Response Team
  • 2017 - Contracted to design and deliver over 20 courses for corrections officers, youth justice workers and law enforcement officers in Australia.
  • 2017 - Contracted to design and deliver instructor development training in the aftermath of a widely publicised high level external investigation into use
    of force within a Government Department.
  • 2017 - Attended ISR Matrix Horizontal Core and CAT courses in USA and currently refining related training and assessment materials.
  • 2018 - Attended ISR Matrix Horizontal Core course in USA, ISR Matrix Clutch Course and ISR Matrix European Summit in Iceland.

The Australian Regional Director has a solid grounding in common contemporary and traditional Operational Safety Training
having completed a wide range of traditional and contemporary officer safety courses including:
  • ISR Matrix Law Enforcement and Physical Management Field Instructor (USA) 2009
  • ISR Matrix Subject Control Instructor Trainer (USA) 2014
  • Police Firearms and Operational Safety Trainer (Australia)
  • Police Public Order Management Trainer - Riot Control/Civil Disorder (Australia)
  • Corrections Emergency Response Team basic course (Australia)
  • Blauer Tactical Systems SPEAR System Instructor (USA)
  • Gracie Survival Tactics Instructor (USA)
  • Lockup Police Combat Instructor (USA)
  • Redman Dynamic Simulation Instructor(UK)
  • Controlled Force Level 1-5 MACH "Extreme" (US Military)
  • KAPAP Avi Nadia and Albert Timen - Israeli Martial Arts (Instructor)
  • Jim Wagner Reality Based Personal Protection (Level 2 Instructor)
  • Keysi Fighting Methods - Extreme Evolution Revolution (Instructor)
  • Shivworks Practical Unarmed Combat (PUC) and Extreme Close Quarters (ECQ) - (USA)
  • PPCT Instructor (Pressure Point Control Tactics) - Batons & Handcuffs & Defensive Tactics, Control & Restraint & Weapons Retention, Pressure
    Points & Spontaneous Knife Defence, Violent Patient Management & Dynamic Simulation, Sexual Harassment, Assault and Rape Prevention, Tactical
    Teams Close Quarter Counter Measures
  • Tactical Self Defence Operator Course (AUS)
  • Monadnock Instructor -  MDTS - Defensive Tactics System & MEB-ADV - Expandable Baton Advanced
  • Cert IV Operational Safety Training  Instructor - Defensive Tactics, Spontaneous Knife Defence, Aggressive Behaviour Management, Tactical Teams
    Close Quarter Counter Measures, Firearms and Chemical Weapons
  • Cert IV in Instructor - Firearms and Defensive Tactics
  • Queensland Health Aggressive Behaviour Management Instructor
  • Corrections and Police Operational Safety and Defensive Tactics Courses
  • Floro Fighting Systems

Seminars and basic courses with the following instructors:
  • Peyton Quinn, Rocky Mountains Combat Applications Training -RMCAT (USA)
  • Bill Kipp, founder FAST Defense and Chief Instructor RMCAT (USA)
  • Geoff Thompson and Peter Consterdine, renowned authors and founders of British Combat Association & World Combat Association
  • Geoff "Tank" Todd, Todd Group Close Quarter Combat (NZ)
  • Calibre Press Street Survival Seminar (USA)

Tactical Firearms Courses in Australia and world wide
  • Advanced Carbine Courses (M4)
  • Close Protection Pistol (G19)
  • Advanced Tactical Handgun (G17, H&K USP)
  • AUSTAC Pistol and Simmunition
  • All small arms in the Australian Defence Force inventory
  • H&K G36
  • PFC Pistol and Advanced Carbine Series

Tactics Courses:
  • Tactical Commanders Course
  • Response to Active Shooter Instructor
  • High Risk Dignitary Protection Course (CPP)
  • Protective Security Operations Certification (CPP)
  • High Threat Security Operations Certification (CPP)
  • Emergency Operations Centre Management
  • Explosive Ordnance Reconnaissance
  • Corrections Emergency Response Team
  • Counter Terrorist First Response
  • Police Public Order Management Instructor (Riot Control)
and more..

Other Martial Arts and Defensive Tactics Influences over the past two decades: (In addition to instructors mentioned above)
  • American Kenpo Karate
  • JKD Concepts - western boxing, kick boxing, muay thai and grappling, kali/arnis
  • Muay Thai - WMC Gym Lamai, Tiger Muay Thai Phuket
  • MMA - MMA Phuket - home of Thailand Top Team
  • Exposure and numerous private lessons related to control and restraint training in Wing Chun, Yoshinkan Aikido, Japanese Jiu Jitsu

Some Relevant Supporting Qualifications:
  • Diploma of Security & Risk Management
  • Diploma of Training and Assessment  
  • Diploma of Business Frontline Management
  • Diploma of Justice
  • Cert IV Training & Assessment, Cert. IV Workplace Trainer/Assessor, Workplace Trainer (CAT 1)
  • Cert IV Occupational Health and Safety
  • Cert IV Healthcare (Ambulance)
  • Cert III Corrections
  • Cert III Public Safety (Fire-fighting)
  • Cert III Mines Rescue
  • Coxswain Grade 1
  • Advanced Certificate Business Management
  • Workplace Health and Safety Representative
  • ADF Instructional Techniques Course
  • Numerous Australian Defence Force courses
"The ISR program is
particularly useful for Law
Enforcement or security
personnel, but can easily be
utilised as a clinch/stand-up
grappling program for Martial
Artists training predominantly
in striking arts or BJJ. It will
work in with any other Martial
Art system without having a
negative impact on that
system's current syllabus"
Ash, MMA Instructor
ISR Matrix International has
provided training in North
America for almost 20 years.

Our first Australian course was
conducted in September 2008.

Since then the following
agencies have
formally attended or hosted  ISR
Matrix Australia Courses and

WA Police
NSW Police
QLD Police
NT Police
Victoria Police
Federal Police
QLD Corrections
WA Corrections
QLD Health
NT Corrections
NT Public Housing
NT Transit
TAFE Security Trainers
GEO Corrections
Serco Corrections
Serco Detention
Sodexo Corrections
Broadspectrum Corrections
NT Youth Justice

Individuals from the following
agencies/ groups have also
attended ISR Matrix Courses:

Defence Force
Federal Police
Customs Service
Security Trainers Security
Crowd Controllers
Health Workers
QLD Corrections
Serco Corrections
NSW Corrections
QLD Police
WA Police
Serco Detention
Transit Officers

Martial Artists that have
attended ISR Matrix Courses:
MMA and BJJ;
Floro Fighting Systems
Krav Maga, Karate; Wing Chun,
Wushu and Freestyle MA

We at ISR recognise that
nobody knows your
environment as well as
you do. We will provide
new tools and a way to
organise those tools, but
we will never dictate your

"The most effective system for
subject control I have
experienced. I recommend any
and all Law enforcement to get
on one of these courses".
Police Trainer

"Having participated in martial
arts since 1962 with a number
of instructors, I was struck with
the professionalism and
organisation of the ISR Matrix
course conducted over three
full, well-spent days. The ISR
Matrix course fills the gap that
was needed in the area of self-
defence and subject restraint. I
was particularly impressed
with the training program that
slowly, but inexorably,
progressed from simple to
complex situations
incorporating a variety of
stimuli and distractions
necessary to become proficient
in mastering the techniques. By
the end of the second day, we
were learning to fight in the
dark and subdue any opponent
regardless of size by
transitioning quickly to the
stabilization and resolution
phase. This intensive three-day
system of training resulted in
an extremely effective and
practical application of skills.
Thank you for providing an
enormously valuable
assortment and collection of
Jon Craig, IPSC National Range
Officer, retired school teacher,  
Wing Chun exponent and
former student of Bruce Lee.

"The instruction was second to
none ……….  by the end of the
second day there were people
less than half my size who were
able to control and restrain me
every time, and I wasn't pulling
my punches……. This is the
first such system I have seen
where these levels of results
had been achieved so quickly"
Steven, Security Trainer, ex
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"A very professionally
delivered course, presented
with a world class and
effective coaching method. All
drills and material were set at
the perfect level so that all
course participants developed
confidence and efficiency in all

"ISR Matrix allows you to keep
complete control of the bad
guy whilst always keeping in
mind situational awareness,
weapon retention and
transition, team tactics and the
ability to escalate or
de-escalate your use of force
at anytime"
Tim, Police Officer

The diverse operational and training experience of the Australian Director, coupled with that  of the ISR Matrix International team, ensures that the ISR
Matrix team are flexible, understanding and well placed to consult and deliver on your training needs and within the scope of your operations and policy.